Wolf Microwave Drawer is a superb appliance!

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We just installed our first Wolf Microwave drawer and I have to tell you it is one awesome appliance! From a design perspective first: The unit is just like we would expect from Subzero/Wolf engineers. It is sleeker than sleek fitting into a row of modern designed drawers as flush as you could wish for in an appliance. We have used the Sharp micro drawer many times but my biggest complaint was the fact that it stuck out so far. Even though I suspect Sharp is making the Wolf Micro drawer, they make the regular Microwave, it is the engineering that makes it uniquely Wolf. Is it worth the extra money? In a word: yes. I will post pix as soon as we get them and you can see for yourself.


Particulars of the functions:

This microwave has 950 watts of power and  1 cubic foot of interior drawer space, thus able to fit a 9” X 13” pan easily! Open and close the drawer with a push of a button, and use the easy to operate control panel to use the 11 programmable power levels, sensor cooking, and the micro warm setting, allowing you to keep food warm for up to 30 minutes. This really is one heck of a microwave!

11 Programmable Power Levels/ Sensor Cooking/ Micro Warm/ Interactive Display/ One-Touch Pads/ Stainless Steel Finish

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      This is very true Ann and a good point. It really depends on the situation. Much like dishwasher drawers…many dishes, that are now oversized are not able to fit in dw drawers. So is a trade off…we only specify a micro drawer when the location is a priority and we discuss the trade offs. But, for some of my older clients with limited mobility, it has worked well. Much more ergonomic to lift UP rather than pull down. And, they are unlikely group to have large casserole dishes…and, many will still fit. Thank you for posting!

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