Another great guest blog by In Detail’s Laura Lawrence. Laura has been working in the industry for 15 years and at In Detail for almost 3 years. We are lucky to have her!

 ~~Laura Lawrence CKD

The relationships we make with our vendors can make the difference between an easy day and one from you-know-where!  It’s a win-win situation for both sides.  They want our repeat business so it’s worth it for them to keep us happy.  What we want is someone we can count on when we need a quick answer.  To have vendors that see a new product, immediately think of us, and bring it to us….not because they can make a buck, but because they know us well enough to know they aren’t wasting our time by showing us.  How do they know us?  Relationships!   These relationships build trust.  With that trust, we will work just as hard for them as they do for us!  If there’s a potential problem with a product, we don’t want to throw them under the bus.  We trust them enough to try to validate all aspects of the problem before calling on them to replace/repair/refund.  We become eager to learn more about the products and how we can integrate them into our designs.  It becomes a team experience!

When these types of relationships are lacking, we groan when thinking of using certain products.  We find suitable replacements (if they exist).   

While we will always do ultimately what is best for our client, when we trust a product and the person/company standing behind it, we generally feel that those products ARE the best to use!  Win-win-win!