Full Service Interior Design

Our specialty is top to bottom design. Working with your architect or draftsman to fine tune the design and layout to your exact needs including the ones you did not even know you had, creating details that will enhance your home’s value and style, keeping your budget top of mind and in the end, making the process work for your needs and keeping the stress of building to a minimum. We accomplish this with an awesome team and precision organization of your project. 

We are not architects or contractors but rather specialists in kitchens, baths, and all phases of the interior.  We work on new construction as well as remodeling projects with over a decade of experience. Typically, we design, create and execute until the finished product is complete. Our ideal project is all encompassing with design and project management included to help facilitate the collected vision we create with the client come to life. And, not fall prey to very common pitfalls and problems that arise on a job site. Even the best contractors are too strapped for time to pay attention to the myriad amount of details that comprise a complete remodel or new construction. These details…and the execution of them are what we are all about. We have the answers to cover all the questions and are not afraid to ask them. Think of us as your “patient advocate” on a job site. 18 years plus of experience in troubleshooting is as valuable as our design creativity!

Design consulting without execution of the project is available for out of town clients and in some circumstances for local clients. For out of town projects, we communicate via email, fax and mail. Travel to out of town locations is available to meet with clients and subcontractors but is not always necessary. This arrangement is made with the designer prior to committing to a project. We are very proud of the successful projects we have managed from our base in Florida. Have tape measure, will travel!

We have worked in cities across the country and have had work featured in many national magazines as well as local and regional publications. Please ask for a reference list of former clients! We try to offer a win-win situation for our clients and are always willing to discuss alternate ways of working together for the benefit of the project. For out of town clients, we do offer architectural plan review for a flat fee. Please email us for more information on this service.

“From the moment that Cheryl arrived, I felt that she was definitely the designer that I needed to help facilitate & execute my vision for the space. I’m not the “cookie cutter” type, and I immediately realized that Cheryl had a knack for envisioning ideas that were unique, yet tasteful, timeless, and sophisticated.”