The psychology of pink message pads and a busy boss: Bah.

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Ok, so I do say in my masthead, tales of a working designer…what I do not say is also a working, small business OWNER…which has its own share of ups and downs. Against my  better judgment ( it is late after all) i am printing one of the latest “Did she really say that?” emails to my beloved staff and design team. Apparently, I understand from a design meeting yesterday, that it was a keepsake correspondence and might even have been “saved” …probably for the eventual lawsuit…but whatever.
To: Beloved Staff and Design Team
Re: Crazy boss lady who requires written messages
News flash…News flash….News flash….News flash..

I am not really on my phone all day long.


May seem like it but am not. I actually work sometimes with clients. The people who pay us so that I can pay you. Some days I do not check emails until much later in the day. Thus, the reason, not that I need one, for asking for messages to be put in my in box.

I will explain again.

When I am on the go, I can grab the message and then call in the car. I do want it emailed in case I do not have time to call. And also because I often forget things since I spend way too much time having to remind people about silly %$%%# that I have said over and over and over.

I am paying for your time, so it really matters little how many  times i want you to give me same message or in what ways. I may decide next week to ask you to  take the message and walk outside and around the building to put it on my desk. Or maybe take the message and make it into a paper airplane and fly it to me.

I can do this because I am the one who signs the paychecks. That is how it works in the real world. And because I am crazy. And you guys are making me crazier by the minute.

If you do not like these basic rules of answering phones ( feel free on your own time to study any movies from the 1980s whereby you will see real people using these pink message pads for communicating with others in their workplace), then by all means feel free to start your own business and hire super nice,smart people that you adore but will have to repeat things to every day and that will make you want to rip out your hair by the roots and eat it.

 And since i do not think (designer) Bootsy or (Designer )Babs are on the phone all day either and seem to be working most of the time (I think) and also are in their car a lot, i have asked that this be done for them as well.

If this is too taxing for anyone, please let me know as I am certain Landrum Staffing has a bunch of old broads there who know what a pink message pad is used for.

Apparently I continue to hire people who have not watched 9 to 5 or any other movie older than they are or


who may be in cahoots with my ex husband and are conspiring to put me into the loony bin by continually ignoring this really super basic job requirement.

Please sign your name on a pink message slip and return to me.

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  1. I almost peed my pants reading this. You sound like me in my head but it actually comes out of you! That’s what so special about you!! I haven’t visited in a while but wow, I am glad I stopped by today. I am sorry you are pulling your hair out of your head. Perhaps you can take the money for extensions out of your employees paychecks. That seems fair.

    1. Post

      thanks paula! so glad you stopped by! I know my staff was peeing in their pants when they read it first time around…I did not change a thing here either…kind of really let everyone know how crazy I really am! But damn, I do spend a fair amt of my time repeating stuff!!

    1. Post

      Thanks Beth..not sure my staff thinks I am hilarious…but they laugh at me a lot??? Ha! I do like to give them some really good emails for their scapbook of “in detail boot camp” days!

  2. I so understand! I am a business owner, director of other community events and I suppose a control freak from the word go. MUST have it my way…not that it is always the right way for EVERYONE….just my show will be done my way! I see no harm in this :-)LOVE this blog!!

    1. Post

      Thank you Cheryl…from Cheryl! Hey, you know…it is my way when I sign the checks and pay the dang rent and insurance and blah blah blah. But, they all know I am always open to input….and we definitely are a “team” but all teams need a captain!! Thanks for reading and glad you enjoy!

  3. Funny scriber you! I am sure there is a sitcom in your are more entertaining than Charli Sheen and your supporting cast much more colorful.keep up the good work

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