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laundry room

Sunny yellow laundry room with ample storage and space designed by In Detail

Let’s think about this. How much time does the average person spend in the laundry room?

Unless you are Ivana Trump or Bill Gates, probably a fair amount of time whether you want to or not. But consistently I find plans come across my desk for 5000 square foot homes, or larger, with laundry rooms that are sized way to small. One of my first goals when reviewing plans is to see where I can enlarge this much used space. I like to refer to a laundry room really as a “utility room” like many people do in other regions and the term seemed to be more common a few years ago.

After all, a well designed laundry room can be used as a  multipurpose area for doing things other than cleaning clothes. At the very least, this area should have enough room for folding clothes and storing bulky items for cleaning.

laundry room
This little laundry boasts dirty clothes bins tucked neatly away as well as ample folding space and storage for all pet supplys. Designed by In Detail
laundry rooms
A sink for cleaning, hanging space, and a lowered work space all make this laundry functional even thought not large. Designed by In Detail

Perhaps the vacuum, brooms and mops as well. What about recycling areas if there is no room in the kitchen. There is a plethora of  devices or gizmos you can use to help create storage solutions.

laundry rooms
Wow. What I would not give for this much space….

My thinking is the laundry area really should be thought of as a place for all the odds and ends of family life that need to be organized in one area. Supplys, cleaning items, kids school items that are used for projects and all the assorted and sundry tools for the household. Anything that would  not go in the garage. Of course to do this, the laundry or “utility” area must be fairly large…or at least well appointed.

One of the gizmos that a client of mine really loves is the Leifheit fold out drying rack. This retracts when not in use so really takes up very little space.

Leifheit retractable clothes line

There are literally hundreds of ways to organize your laundry area. If you have a favorite or a favorite picture, please share with me in comments section as I plan to do a follow up post later with more design details for the modern laundry space! One of the fun aspects of laundry room design is doing something a bit different from the rest of the house. No need to be sterile in the laundry.

stackable washer and dryer
Often I recommend my clients use a full size stackable washer and dryer because this can allow for more space for storage or folding. Pix from Exterior Interior Design
cool laundry rooms
What a great color and check out the desk in here. FAR better idea than placing in the kitchen. As long as you have enough space. Pix from Exterior Interior Design

Make it a happy place to be with bold colors and fun fabrics. I love some of the following laundry rooms! Makes me want to run down a wash a load of clothes!

What is your favorite gizmo or organizational tool or idea for the laundry/utility space? Please Share!!

This is my favorite I think! Pix from exterior-interiordesign

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  1. Post

    thank you for commenting! I like that one also but reallly like the crisp look of the last one and love the table! I wish I had the room!

  2. Cheryl…you always did have a special affection for the laundry room!! If I could only do one upgrade to my house it would without a doubt be to build myself a beautiful well organized Cheryl Kees designed laundry room!

  3. Ah, gees, another post I can’t show to my wife! (lol!) A separate laundry room would be just the thing. In fact, my blog partner has a really nice one. It’s some six or eight feet wide and runs about ten or twelve feet. He built some glorious cabinets and a countertop that runs the full length. So in addition to all the space anyone would ever need for folding clothes, he also has plenty of extra storage space, not that he really needs any, given the size of his kitchen!

    We just have a tract home, although the original owner did remodel it to 2000 square feet. But the “laundry room” is just a washer and dryer in one corner of the garage, and since I use the garage for a workshop, there is absolutely no chance of our ever making any kind of laundry room there. I can’t help wishing we had room for such a venture, though, because you have a lot of wonderful ideas.

  4. I love the Stewi brand of laundry racks. There are ceiling lifts and folding racks, ideal for any laundry or utility space in your home and can be used outside as well. They are Swiss made and very durable. Check out Stenic Products or Green Pole Solutions to look at the pictures.

  5. Suffering from laundry room envy here as well! Gorgeous! Never thought I’d think that way about a utility room. But just think, less than 50 years ago, kitchens were seen as utility rooms also. I’m really liking the direction that laundry rooms are headed. I’ll take the yellow one too!

    1. Post

      ah well I am with all of you all in terms of little to no laundry space…live in a beach house ( not so bad!) but is very small and we have a laundry “spot” that houses the water heater also….I used stackables to give myself some pantry space and lots of hooks…love hooks! But the funny thing is that the laundry room has some of the best views in the house!! Go figure! Thank you all for commenting:):) Makes it fun!

  6. Wow..what I wouldn’t give for a laundry room like those-the kind that are so gorgeous you actually want to spend time there! I especially love the turquoise colored washer/dryer/walls. That just pops and looks so incredibly fresh!

  7. I love the last one too! The trick I did in my small laundry room was to install a rod close to the ceiling. I am tall so I only use a small step stool to hang my laundry. This allows me and my family to use the rest of the room with ease. You’re a gem! Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday 🙂
    Paula Grace ~

  8. Fantastic glass on this first one and the hanging rod would definitely be on my list of must-haves in addition to a sink and lots of counter space. Great examples!
    Jane T. @ Atticmag

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