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I am going to depart a bit from kitchen and bath posts and talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. Fabrics. Ah, yes, those of you who have known me for years might shake their head and say, WHATTTTTT? In the past, I have been known to cringe at the thought of wallowing in fabrics, loving more the architectural end of design. But hey, I am getting older and as I age, I think my love of design is evolving somewhat.

So now I am excited when a new box of fabrics hits the studio and want to be the first to unpack them! One of my favorites is Romo fabrics. This is a family owned business that specializes is lively prints and bright colors. I LOVE my Romo!!

Fabrics are a cornerstone of interior design. The right selection sets a tone and helps the room “read” the way the designer has intended. I love the juxtaposition of the bright Romo fabrics on the traditionally styled chairs in the above picture.

The right fabric selections are essential to good, timeless design. A special, even budget breaking accent fabric on the right chair, specialty piece  or window treatment is a designer secret anyone can experience!

This is my favorite Romo fabric from the Mirabel line

Here the windows are the focus and the chair is a subtle solid

Voila! No more boring! A recent In Detail custom chair.

Wonderful and soothing colors in this new chair.

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  1. Those are killer fabrics, all of them! I especially love the pink stripey one…actually I love that whole picture.
    I, too, have always been more into the architectural surfaces. When I was going to design school I hated the fabric, sofa, rug and curtain portions of the design process. But lately that has been changing for me and I find myself ogling over fabric and rugs. Maybe it is age….

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      Steph: Yes, changing for me too…still love pulling the space layout off and making it work and love tile…all sorts..but now am finding myself enjoying the furnishings process much more than before! It might also be that you want to “grow” and learn and explore new the past, has been my designers at the shop working on the soft goods more so than me! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Love them all! Romo is one of my go-to fabric lines. And what is it about of painted chairs – my new fave design look. If I had to choose, and why would I want to, it’s the In Detail chair I would bring home. Thanks for sharing the “softer” side of your design world.

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      Thanks for stopping by Catherine!! I really do love Romo…trying to figure out which chair I want in my own house:) but hard to choose! I like the in detail chair too…even though..funny story, when Emily ( love ya emily!!) ordered the chairs she got the wood finishes switched! The dark wood was supposed to be on the chair that has the pink sapota fabric and the white washed wood was supposed to be with the gray/blue fabric but as a testimony to Romo, still think they both look good!

  3. Thanks for tipping us off to this great new-to-me source for fabrics. I love the way pattern can give a room a lift. I like to use smaller touches in pillows and accessories. Any one of these fabrics would be a star in a room.

  4. your designs are good..i like them but you should match what is in the heading with the components inside…you wrote the importance of fabric decorations..but inside this article there is just different types of those designs…these is no importances…so please do something Cheryl… are good in can do more

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