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Eloquence, n. The art of orally persuading fools that white is the color that it appears to be. It includes the gift of making any color appear white.
Ambrose Bierce
From Friends at Decor Pad

It is no secret around our shop that I have a “thing” for white lately.  (and grays too but that is for another day and post) I want to do my own bathroom redo in white on white. Now, I know about little dark things showing up on a white floor. Like hairs. And dirt.

white living room

But when you consider this sort of impact, who cares?

Of course, it is not for everyone nor every place but I think that white can be an incredibly bright and rich look. Think white with layers of texture. That is what most of these rooms have in common. I favor modern design but in these photos it is the textural layering of whites that makes the rooms work. White on white in a modern setting sometimes gets to be “too” sleek.

Admittedly, there is one area I don’t favor white. Ceilings. I prefer a painted ceiling….but not white…a strking color on the ceiling could set some serious drama into action! ( I am just woozy with the thought of a BM Branchport Brown ceiling and all white walls, floors and furnishings)

If you get cold feet at the thought of all that drama then use a white that is not “deocrator white” or worse, “ceiling white” but a white tinged with a hue that gives a nod to the contrast of the white room. Subtle, but definitive.

Coco Cozy

white bedroom

I want to jump right in!

Not all white but affect is awesome!

Love the texture

Thanks to Design Manifest for above photo

Truth or Dare:

bad kitchen design

Makes me sad to see poorly executed design

To me, this is white not done right. Busy Busy Busy. Apparently they did not read post from a few weeks ago about just saying no to 4×4 tumbled marble either.

A round island could be an interesting element but I have only seen Johnny Grey do round islands and make them work. This one does not work.

And the little cubby hole created by the appliance garage sitting on the counter and the “too too” skinny columns on range hood is at BEST wasted counter space, at WORST, really unattractive. This is about execution. Poorly done.

Note the crown and how the ins and outs are visually tough to watch…at least for me. I want to just shake some sense into someone. Heavy sigh.

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  1. Any post that starts with a quote from Ambrose Bierce and ends with a white thermofoil, standard overlay door is A-OK in my book Cheryl.

    I’m with you on the layered whites but I keep getting hung up on the nightmare you posted at the end. What’s with the caves tot he left and right of the range? What are they going to be used for? Heavy sigh indeed.

    On the other hand, photos 2, 3 and 6 are about perfect, each in its own way. That white plank bedroom floor in photo 6 is done really well. Great find!

  2. Post

    Paul; I agree that the pix at the end is disturbing! But also so sad because obviously not that old! So what contractor or cabinet person or (horrors!!)designer let a homeowner do this? I think sometimes people just really can’t “see” it and think they like the idea of things. I particularly am not fond of these hearths even when done right. Just not good use of space really. And yes have done them because clients like that look but never wild about it. The side pieces get in the way of good movement around the cooking area. I hate to be bash anyones pix but sometimes one can learn from poorly done work what not to do!

  3. I absolutely adore the photo of the all white (living?) room with the mantle and the dark, rich floors. I only wish I were so brave! The eclectic mix of such a clean and simple palette paired with ornate details and textures… I am a fan!

  4. I loved all the white on white. The last picture looked like a professional started the job but the homeowner finished it. What a bad shock after the peace and serenity of the other rooms! Your assessment is right on.

  5. I love white on white… I am attempting that right now in my guest bedroom. Its a work in progress but coming along nicely!

  6. I think our “white” posts may have crossed. How much fun. I do love white kitchens, as I’ve said but I must say I am suffering some white fatigue. Color is one welcome way to customize as you so rightly observed.

    Your “Truth or Dare” kitchen pic definitely does not work on many levels. I know it’s taken as “mean” but a dissection might truly be helpful in this instance. Great example.

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