Organizing- Does anyone do this anymore?

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Some of you who pop in to read my blog upon occasion, may know I am undergoing an overhaul of my office. Suffice to say I needed to do some house cleaning. Heartbreaking to realize what you think you know to be true can turn out to be

What do you need to know about window placement in your new home?

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First in a series on building a new home and the pain and pitfalls to avoid! Building a new home is an exhilarating and exciting experience. You get to choose what you want, how it will lay out, select shiny new things- Joyous- until it is not. A

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No Need to Call the Doctor – We Have the Prescription for a Healthy Kitchen

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 There are so many things to take into consideration when designing a kitchen. It’s where the most action takes place. Meals are prepared, conversations are held, daily activities are planned and executed. Life happens here! It takes critical planning to create a beautiful and functional space. But gone are

Is gray dead? 50 shades of #notsogray- for your home!

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Rest in peace- Mr Grey? Everything is recycled- we all know this. ( Start saving your old clothes for awhile and see if I am not right!) And popular colors are no different. Whether for your walls, cabinets or your clothing- colors come and go.  But 50 shades

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Coastal Luxe style- Let’s talk performance!

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Our typical clients are busy families- mom and dad both working- usually outside the home and often with kids still at home. One of the foremost issues when working on the design parameters are performance and function  Whether it is types of finishes on casegoods, material make up

Fall High Point: Let’s talk cocktail tables. 18 versatile options you need to see!

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Unique cocktail tables ( or coffee tables for most) often will be the first case good item we need to source or design- mostly because  spaces we design for living, whether casual or formal, will involve conversation. A critical component to civilized society despite the evidence to the

High Point here we come!

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It has been a whirlwind of busyness the past few weeks. The EPIC install in New Jersey preceded by breaking my foot (ugh!) and then a major showroom move about….and High Point Market coming up THIS Friday! I never lose my excitement for High Point…truly I do not.

New ventures: crazy or truly insane?

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The other day when a client asked me why had not been writing as much. I went through all my know like the 24 hours in a day obstacle. She said, “well your tag line says working designer tells all sooooo why are you not just writing