While looking for a client yesterday, I saved some of my favorites. For different bathrooms and for different reasons but fun to share!

Sonneman. I love this one and is much better in person. We have it in our bathroom!
Stonegate. They are artists in every since of the word. My only complaint? That there is not more of them!
Another Stonegate. Perfect for a hallway and they have a multitude of fabrics and several finishes.
A new one Nick found today from Cisco Brothers. Wait until you see their glass pendants!
Currey and Company. Sophisticated and simple all at the same time. And you know brass is coming back!
Totally random. Have no idea where it is from but am going to find out!
Another great Sonneman sconce. Do not recommend for bathroom though. Really not enough light output.
Hubbardton Forge. This is great in a hallway and we did them once on each side of a gorgeous hood.