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Grow your business with a 20 year veteran of interior design, retail and running a successful firm! The business of design from a different yet successful perspective. 

 Who better to share savvy strategies than a working interior designer for the past 20 years engaged in the day to day running of a  well published design firm as well as a retail business?  I am doing it. Every day. All day. I face the same challenges and issues as you do but my approach is often not the same as the typical consultant or coach might preach. I know what works and am passionate about working with other creatives to build their business.  .

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Invest in your own success!

Challenging the status quo of how to grow a thriving business 
on your own terms.

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The rarest design bird is the breed that moves between both sides of the brain, business and creative, fluidly. This is Cheryl's gift- she sees all sides and knows how to activate. Ckc infuses depth and emotion (read as : soul) into every part of her business. Her knack for defining soul quality is what breathes life into her projects, builds confidence in her clients and sets her apart as a thought-leader in the design industry. Summed up- She gets it and her work speaks for itself.
Drew McGukin
NYC Interior Designer
Love you Cheryl! You taught me more than you'll ever know!
Former Design Assistant- #1:)
Thank you for taking the time to speak the truth. I knew the answers to my problems were inside. Now I have clear direction on where the store needs to be headed and have begun training employees differently.
Designer Client
Hi Cheryl- I just wanted you to know I've learned a lot from you. You sometimes say "unpoplular" things but you really have given me lots of tools and even confidence so just here to say thank you very much for the wisdom you share!
Again, I truly enjoyed our talk. Not only was it fruitful with words of wisdom, it’s reassuring to know I have guidance now. 🙂
Designer client
You are a wealth of information and I really like how you focus on the important!
Thank you so much! I will book again soon!
Designer Client
Cheryl is an exceptional mentor for other designers. She has in depth knowledge of best business practices that this industry often lacks. I enjoy being her colleague and collaborating with her. She brings great things to the table!
Thank you for Small Business Think Big; you are incredibly gifted and I'm really grateful for your group! A huge thank you for my "lightbulb" moment!
SBTB group member


Quick Start Strategy Building

2 hours- Valuable one on one time with Cheryl talking about your business needs and goals!


Gaining Momentum Strategy Building

1.5 hours each week. Work on processes, sales skills, profit margins, selling products and how to finesse your marketing.


Total connect
Strategy Building

12 week intensive program to achieve specific goals.


Houzz Review

Written feedback on your profile and how you can maximize your exposure.


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