The second question we ask a new bath design client is easy. But can generate LOTs of dialogue.

“Are you a shower person or a tub person?”

(This is after we ask about their personal feelings on privacy and potty rooms. You must have no shame if you design baths for a living)

And this is critical knowledge to know before we proceed because….boy oh boy are they two different types of people! This information tells us what to emphasize and how much importance to put into shower layout and amenities or…finding just the perfect tub.Read more about the tub person vs the shower person HERE.

Our “go to” tub manufacturer ( and has been for years) is Victoria and Albert. Which as it happens, is also has been a BlogTour London sponsor since the inception of the BlogTours. Good for me, ‘eh?

We have used over a dozen V and A baths over the past few years. Some of our photos below can even be seen on their awesome new website at Note: the revamped website is a joy to navigate, offers great specs on all the tubs and of course beautiful inspiration photos! Victoria and Albert tubs are made from  100% ENGLISHCAST®, a unique blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins.

The inspired designs of Victoria and Albert provide something for everyone and honestly so do the price points. There are many collections but the favorite of our design team has always been the Ravello. We have also used the Marlborough, York, Toulouse, and the Monaco as well AND just designed a gorgeous bath and master suite where a new IOS will be the highlight! This will be the first time we have used this model and am excited to see it’s gorgeous self! This is it folks when it comes to luxurious tubs. Which is your favorite?

The new Cabrits tub is a stunner. 

Peekaboo at a Ravello tub we used last year. And this young client was most assuredly a tub person. I am guessing the two little people in her life encourage it’s use! We designed this bath around the Ravello.
The Toulouse was used in this colorful remodeled modern bath because of the simplicity of the design. There were three round art glass windows that we had to work around and we were lucky the Toulouse would fit perfectly in the design.