Turn of the Century Cottage Remodel

Turn of the Century Cottage Remodel

Bold colors and luxurious finishes stand out against a soft, white palette in this quaint cottage remodel!

What the client says-

“Knowing my budget, Cheryl has been helpful in assisting me in deciding which design aspects I needed to invest heavily in (some furniture pieces in the living room & master bedroom, original/statement art work over the fireplace, etc.), and those that I should look for more affordable & less-expensive options (some accessories & artwork in less noticeable areas).

Cheryl has communicated well via many forms of communication — email, text, etc, which is important to me as I’m a busy professional & not always easily accessible for immediate follow-up appointments. Cheryl is quick to point out & fight for a great piece (furniture, art, accessory, paint color) when she knows it will definitely work in the space, but she’ll also hesitate when she feels that perhaps, there’s a better options that we haven’t yet found. These qualities provide reassurance to the customer that you’re working with a professional, and you learn to trust her judgment as an experienced designer.”

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