Cottage kitchen remodel: NKBA 2017 Winner

What does the client say?

“We hired In Detail for a kitchen remodel. Cheryl and her team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They were professional and extremely easy to communicate with as well as quick with responses.

There was a great balance of listening to our needs and guiding us through the design process which truly took our kitchen to the next level! Wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend or to use again!”

For a great breakdown on the costs of this kitchen get the whole truth here!

Design Statement

A young mom with two children finally had enough with her outdated and non functional small kitchen and laid down the law with the hubby: Either remodel or she was looking for a new house! The greatest thing about this project is that while their budget was slim, they recognized the need for professional help to maximize the space and create a warm family kitchen they were proud to show off to their friends.  No real construction on the footprint could take place so we achieved the objectives with a lot of creativity, color and careful choices on where to splurge and where to save.


  • Update the overall look of the kitchen space to a classic colorful bungalow aesthetic
  • Maximize storage
  • Create better seating at peninsula for kids to sit ( not enough knee space currently)
  • Be on trend without needing to remodel again in 5 years
  • Stay on budget


  • Budget constraints
  • Keep kid friendly
  • Short ceilings
  • No storage
  • Table and chair seating by the main doorway to the backyard created traffic jams
  • Poor lighting overall
  • Dishwasher was in awkward location away from sink

Design solutions:

  • Homeowner was handy and was open to being part of the unpaid crew to help with costs
  • Created an interesting aesthetic with three colors of cabinetry yet only one countertop to unify the overall space
  • Took cabinetry to the ceiling to add storage but to stay within sheet goods costs on cabinetry,we opted for a larger frieze and crown to absorb some of the space yet still achieved overall more cabinetry storage
  • Added a hutch piece for good looks and optimal storage
  • Reconfigured space to allow for dw to be next to sink
  • Microwave drawer placed in peninsula to get it off of counter
  • Counter depth ref ig was “built in “ and metal chalk board added on end for kid friendly ( and better looking) art display
  •  Wine storage for use but also to not have a door interfere with two new pendant lights
  • Can lights in key locations for additional general lighting
  • Added task lighting under cabinetry

Special Features:

  • Wine storage in cabinetry
  • Interesting pendant lighting which was a splurge!
  • stained glass backsplash in white
  • Magnet chalkboard on side of refrigerator
  • Cabinetry to ceiling with large frieze and crown
  • Upper cabinetry a lighter shade than base cabinetry


Read about our kitchen on the Blanco website!

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