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GAWD! It really has been a month since last post. Bad, Bad, Cheryl! I miss writing and the feedback! But seriously has been so busy. Lots of changes going on at the shop…one designer leaving ( heavy sigh) but another great gal starting who will be handling showroom ( smile) and then just some really fabulous projects we are currently working on! New website up and running…(check it out!)  indetail interiors. Travel, market trips, beach days ( ha ha ha I WISH), showroom taking off….AND NEW FURNITURE LINE WE ARE DESIGNING!! BUSY does not put a dent into it!  Oh and Thing One off to college….this is good…right? May be some sad sack posts in my future as am not handling WELL.

Ok so here is what is keeping me busy…random photos from a day in the life…..will be back writing a few times a week…so please stay tuned and do not give up on me!! And also will be posting some of our, um, videos….from a day in the life too…in detail would give Jeff Lewis a BIG run for his money! Promise!


Guest bath in progress….gorgeous tile…LOVE to see it all come together!


Makes my day to see lighting going up! Gorgeous Currey and Company Light!

Bath in progress…

My buddy, Laura and I…(hey have to play sometime!)

New small bath just completed…even with professional photos!


Fabrics for potential project!

Another work in progress….


Here? ...or Here??? ....think right HERE is perfect! Bath in progress....with beautiful Bear Creek sinks!

New furniture line!!


…..and Thing One….off to new adventures!


Looking forward to writing, chatting, corresponding and catching up!!

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  1. Being too damned busy making money is a good reason for not blogging. Me, I’ve ALWAYS got time to blog!!!!! 😉 Seriously, I have missed your blogs and look forward to reading you again on a regular basis. By the bye, your new website is aces!!!!

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