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Just wanted to share a really great kitchen. This little kitchen was quite a challenge but ended up packing a lot of “wow” into a small space. High contrast and clean lines really update this space! The existing vaulted ceilings left no place for lighting or ductwork so we had to get creative. Let me know what you think!
George Kovacs "bling" chandelier!

George Kovacs"bling" chandelier!

Futuro Hood is a show stopper!

Futuro Hood is a show stopper!

Aluminum laminate used as "legs" for the cooking area

Aluminum laminate used as"legs" in cooking area

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  1. In London we call that a large kitchen 🙂

    You’ll die when you see what we’re trying to squeeze into the space it has to go in on my kitchen renovation blog here!

    In fact we’ve since decided to swap the kitchen and living room, but the space is still tiny compared to what you’ve shown above.

  2. well, this is pretty big for me too….I am originally from California! But, around here, it is smallish. Ah well, I like doing small kitchens anyway…more creative!

  3. I love the modern retro look! Particularly the contrast of black and white—and the surprise of the purple. Plus you can’t beat all those stainless-steel details. What I wouldn’t give for a vent hood like that … (Great blog, by the way.)

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