Medicine Cabinets… we like them?

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I have to admit…not my favorite design idea for a bath but in recent months there has been occassions where we really needed the targeted storage that a medicine cabinet provides. Especially in spatially challenged baths. It is important to get a good one. I like Robern for several reasons. There are many styles to choose from, they have the new “cold” storage varieties, and there are frames you can by from other manufacturers that work really well with Robern. I have posted a pix of inside and outside of one we recently used. The frame is stationary and the glass opens. The inside back is mirrored as well as the inside of door. Also, take a look at this extra, extra small bathroom and see how the use of tile on all surfaces…yes i mean walls, ceilings and floors has given this bathroom closet an extra dose of flair.

Awesome lights highlight this very much used medicine cabinet

Tile on all surfaces is a clean contemporary look

The "before"

The "before"

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  1. Yes, we changed the sink, faucet, vanity…everything really..the entire bathroom is about the same size as most showers we do! Basically 4×7..but it was a master ( yeah really) bath in an older home and the nicest client ever..and she loves it! It is small but all walls and even ceiling are tiled! It looks much better than photo as that is one I just took myself with little camera. Cheryl

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