I have been SWAMPED since returning from Blog Tour London and have so many awesome things to talk about…but with our quick books corrupt files ( AGAIN…HATE QB!), our sweet Stephanie leaving on maternity leave, other changes in personnel….daughter looking for colleges…..whew. I need a vacation!

But, I wanted to go ahead and get a few photos up from 100% Design!

100% Design is the largest design show in the UK with over 25,000 visitors. It was a wowzer for sure. This show reminded me more of our own stateside shows than any of the others I will share with you.
Was shocked to see so many of us on the 100% Design website photo! Go Blog Tour London! And…Oh my….look who you can see in a peep view in the second row!
Loved all the veneers shown at Alpiwood
Caino Design with unbelievable LED lighting fixture…ok am blatantly stealing this pix from 100%design website because mine came out horrible and I so loved this!
Never seen any handles like this before! From Philip Watts Design


Ochre never fails to wow.
And one of our Blog Tour London sponsors gave us lots to see with their beautiful Amtico flooring!
We have used Amtico on a large commercial job and was amazed at how good it looked and best of all…the installers loved it! I can see many applications for this in residential use too.
And thank you Amtico for hosting us in the Knoll lounge!

Off to do battle. More tomorrow!