Let’s talk about kitchen sinks part 1

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They are not all created equal! One of my favorites is the Franke Orca stainless sink. This is 18/10 and 18 gauge

stainless steel. It also will fit in a standard 36 inch sink base cabinet. I love the single bowl but have found this is most definitely

one of those “personal preferences”. I will give clients my reasoning for a single bowl and get them to at least think

it through…perhaps challenge the status quo…but ultimately it is what the individual feels most comfortable with having.

HOWEVER, there is so much more to selecting a good kitchen sink.

Remember this: buy the best you can afford if you are going to install as undermount in granite, quartz or solid surface countertops. Once you install it, you are most likely

living with it for a long time as is very difficult to change out since so many have quite unique shapes. Faucets can be

changed easily with same hole configuration but sinks cannot.

Litvak Kitchen 14

Franke Anthracite Prep Sink

Franke Anthracite Prep Sink

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  1. I too have always loved the look and shapes of Franke sinks.

    I used to use them a lot.

    Unfortunately the polished bottoms scratched easily and looked like heck when they were no more than a week into use.

    That’s why I prefer Elkay. The brushed surface doesn’t show scratches.

    Have they changed that issue? Or is the running water concealing scratches?

  2. Thanks for the comments Peggy! Yes, I know what you mean! I tell clients that often stainless will scratch the minute you look at it! However, in sinks is more of issue and Franke has 5 different finishes…the mirrored one is problematic but we have had no issues with the satin or matte. I also like Oliveri sinks and Blanco. I will reccomend use of a grid on bottom to help with any scratches. I do like Elkay as well….all of these are good ones.

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