KBIS Highlights:Safety Tub is safe example of "Not"!

Cheryl Kees Clendenon In Detail Says, The Bath Designer 1 Comment

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Really, and some people thought this was cool? And actually voted it as a “peoples choice” award?

Who, may I ask, are these people voting?? Put the money for your kid in a 401k and save for college. Do not buy this silly contraption for a tub! I am appalled that anyone would even “think” about it! A mere $2200 will get you this “enclosure” so junior does not get lost in the big tub. Remember bath rings? What is wrong with that? A lot cheaper too.

I am embarassed for anyone who voted for this invention.

You can read more about this lovely, um, bathtub at my friend, Paul Anater’s Blog “Kitchen and Residential Design”

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