KBIS Highlights: Rocky Mountain Hardware and Top Knobs

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Rocky Mountain Hardware

Pretty much they always are showing innovative product development. I love the product, not so much love the  company. They can be difficult to work with at times but ah, artists, you know?

My faves

gotta love this look

I will tell you this: there is nothing else like Rocky Mountain for making a statement!

Serious statements

Top Knob Cabinet Hardware

I have lots and lots of cabinet hardware in my showroom but I started almost 12 years ago with Top Knobs and it remains my biggest seller today. They have not come out in awhile with any new things that float my boat but I did like what they offered this year.

Top Knobs offers a lifetime warrantee as well. They also recently came out with a bronze collection  “Aspen” that is great looking..does not approach the Rocky Mountain patina and look but they also are not as expensive.

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  1. Hardware is one of those things that, from the outside looking in, is not all that important. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Those who actually design, be it interior designers or cabinetmakers, know that the right hardware makes a tremendous difference to the composition of a piece. I’ve spent hours looking for the exactly right hardware for a piece. I was not familiar with Top Knobs, though, so now I have another resource to use going forward. Thanks for the tip. Ah, this Internet! It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with so powerful a tool.

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