Considering I have already mentioned  I was underwhelmed at the show this year, it is only fair to say that while I did not see a plethora of really cool, innovative products…I did come away with a new respect for an old product: Corian. Ah, the chuckles from my colleagues can be heard from here! Yes I know I have turned my nose up at solid surfacing for years..choosing to use it only when doing some really modern projects.

But after hearing Jonathan Adler speak about the malleability  of Corian, I went back to the booth and gave it another look and talked more in depth to some of their knowledgable staff. Of course, I knew it could be massaged into various applications but really had not learned enough about the product to really contemplate it for any of my designs. Here to tell you, I will be considering it in the future! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


These doors made from Corian® can be thermoformed, etched, inlayed, sandblasted & backlit for dramatic effect. I would have chosen one of their really hot colors but ah well, they did not ask me.

Ok so really love this!

Joined in a way that creates inconspicuous seams and a sleek, hygienic, non-porous surface.

Can you believe this is Corian?

Corian teamed with Missoni to create this, unique shower!

Stuart Melrose table….I would love this in my house!

Commercial applications too! I get a lot of inspiration from commercial projects!