KBIS Highlights: Day 2!

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Considering I have already mentioned  I was underwhelmed at the show this year, it is only fair to say that while I did not see a plethora of really cool, innovative products…I did come away with a new respect for an old product: Corian. Ah, the chuckles from my colleagues can be heard from here! Yes I know I have turned my nose up at solid surfacing for years..choosing to use it only when doing some really modern projects.

But after hearing Jonathan Adler speak about the malleability  of Corian, I went back to the booth and gave it another look and talked more in depth to some of their knowledgable staff. Of course, I knew it could be massaged into various applications but really had not learned enough about the product to really contemplate it for any of my designs. Here to tell you, I will be considering it in the future! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


These doors made from Corian® can be thermoformed, etched, inlayed, sandblasted & backlit for dramatic effect. I would have chosen one of their really hot colors but ah well, they did not ask me.

Ok so really love this!

Joined in a way that creates inconspicuous seams and a sleek, hygienic, non-porous surface.

Can you believe this is Corian?

Corian teamed with Missoni to create this ..um, unique shower!

Stuart Melrose table….I would love this in my house!

Commercial applications too! I get a lot of inspiration from commercial projects!

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      Ha Sarah! Def would wake you up wouldn’t it? But not sure I could live with it long term…I am not making that big of a commitment!

  1. We may be getting corian for our next home….i hope i like it as much as i like silestone. Do you know where that wood floor in the 3rd pic is sold??

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      JEN: I do not know where the wood floor is sold in pix 3. Not my pix. However, I can tell you that Porcelanosa tile has a look alike in TILE strips. Is very cool. i just did a Pediatric place in a darker gray shade and a bathroom in the larger planks. Just food for thought!

  2. These are some very slick ideas. I like them a lot. The only thing I don’t like about Corian at this point is that they have pretty close to NOTHING in the way of pictures on their website. Looking at what you wrote here and the pictures you used, I thought, all right, another glorious idea for a blog! Then I went to check out Corian’s site. Nada!

    But, as I said, these are some very slick ideas. I don’t know if I would use Corian for a countertop, simply because of the disdain that now seems to follow it everywhere. But the product itself still does everything it did when it first came out. And what they are now doing with it shows that there is very much some life in the old dog. Life in old dogs… man, at my age, I REALLY like to think in terms of that!

  3. Never thought I’d say this but here it goes “Wow…Corian”. Thanks Cheryl, that was an eye opener. Going back to blog about concrete and other organic materials so don’t tell anyone I’ve been here. Shhhhh.

  4. Yes! I am surprised at the versatility too!! And have stayed away because did not like the look in kitchen but hey can be inspiration for other areas!!

  5. I love Corian and its seemless properties. We recently installed a painted kitchen with Corian and I have to say it looked amazing. It’s also pretty easy repair if damaged or scratched – just sand and polish. The pictures you have showed are amazing and I agree with the above comments that DuPoint do not do their product justice. Maybe it’s up the the people who use the product to give us these designs and uses:)

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      Thanks for dropping by Keith!! Maybe Dupont is listening? They sometimes think like an industrial company rather than a design company!!

  6. Thanks Cheryl – DuPont IS listening! What a cool post about the versatility of Corian®. I also got some great feedback from your readers on how we at DuPont can help designers discover the possibilities of Corian®. You might be interested in visiting our Facebook pages, http://www.facebook.com/corianhome and http://www.facebook.com/coriandesign for more inspiration and “Wow” photos. We’re also on Flickr and YouTube, trying to help expose the work of very talented designers. Thanks again for your post and for the great feedback from your community.

    Christine from DuPont

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