caesarstone blue lagos

Blue Lagos Caesarstone.  Designed by In Detail

In a word: Yes.

I make no secret that I love quartz products.I would guess quartz and/or countertops other than granite constitutes almost 75% of our specifications now.
Am I over granite? If it fits the project, then great but  I simply like quartz better. It is scratch,stain and crack resistant. It is not porous and is low maintenance. Only 3 other natural minerals are harder than quartz: Diamonds, Sapphire, and Topaz. What is not to like?
I also find the consistency of color allows me much more freedom  when designing walls of tile or stone and backsplashes in kitchens. I do not always prefer the quartz products that try and mimic  granite but rather, the ones that claim a personality all on their own.
Just a few of my favorite colors:  Hanstone: Tiffany Gray, Silestone: Alpina white ( which I admit has more movement like granite but I love the taupe colorway!) All the Silestone Eco line, Caesarstone: Blue Lagos and Organic White. I really like Vetrastone and Vetrazzo also which are recycled glass. I will profile these products as well. Let me know your thoughts!
Part 1 of a 3 part series.Here are two of the most prolific manufacturers:


**40 Colors with 6 being recycled ( quartz reflection is awesome and contains up to 35% post consumer recycled glass!)
**5 colors can be honed and one is textured ( warning: honed and textured is more maintenance!)
**93% crushed quartz
**Comes in slab sizes of 120″x 56.5″ and in 2cm and 3cm thicknessess
**Cleaning: Soap and water. Once in a while can use Method Daily Polish Spray or Metho Daily Stone Surface Wipes
**Lifetime residential warrantee/10 yr commercial
Honed, Motivo and textured surfaces require more maintenance. Low level VOC output.
LEED Platinum Home, project7ten “Apple Martini”
caesarstone quartz reflections
Quartz reflections. Designed by In Detail


**Over 65 colors and 26 offered in the leather collection which is a more honed look

**Slab size  63″ x 128″ long ( some exceptions)

**Limted 15 year warrantee

**Care: 409 Fantastik, Lysol, or Windex. The leathers take more care. Silestone recommends using “Countertop Magic” cleaner.

**Contains Microban, an anti-microbial product

** Four times the flexural strength of granite, making it less susceptible to chipping and cracking during transportation and installation.

Silestone “Capri Limestone”
Silestone “Grey Expo”
Silestone Blanco Stellar Snow. Designed by In Detail