Is Quartz the new Granite?

Cheryl Kees Clendenon Countertops, In Detail Says 25 Comments

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caesarstone blue lagos

Blue Lagos Caesarstone.  Designed by In Detail

In a word: Yes.

I make no secret that I love quartz products.I would guess quartz and/or countertops other than granite constitutes almost 75% of our specifications now.
Am I over granite? If it fits the project, then great but  I simply like quartz better. It is scratch,stain and crack resistant. It is not porous and is low maintenance. Only 3 other natural minerals are harder than quartz: Diamonds, Sapphire, and Topaz. What is not to like?
I also find the consistency of color allows me much more freedom  when designing walls of tile or stone and backsplashes in kitchens. I do not always prefer the quartz products that try and mimic  granite but rather, the ones that claim a personality all on their own.
Just a few of my favorite colors:  Hanstone: Tiffany Gray, Silestone: Alpina white ( which I admit has more movement like granite but I love the taupe colorway!) All the Silestone Eco line, Caesarstone: Blue Lagos and Organic White. I really like Vetrastone and Vetrazzo also which are recycled glass. I will profile these products as well. Let me know your thoughts!
Part 1 of a 3 part series.Here are two of the most prolific manufacturers:


**40 Colors with 6 being recycled ( quartz reflection is awesome and contains up to 35% post consumer recycled glass!)
**5 colors can be honed and one is textured ( warning: honed and textured is more maintenance!)
**93% crushed quartz
**Comes in slab sizes of 120″x 56.5″ and in 2cm and 3cm thicknessess
**Cleaning: Soap and water. Once in a while can use Method Daily Polish Spray or Metho Daily Stone Surface Wipes
**Lifetime residential warrantee/10 yr commercial
Honed, Motivo and textured surfaces require more maintenance. Low level VOC output.

LEED Platinum Home, project7ten "Apple Martini"

caesarstone quartz reflections

Quartz reflections. Designed by In Detail


**Over 65 colors and 26 offered in the leather collection which is a more honed look

**Slab size  63″ x 128″ long ( some exceptions)

**Limted 15 year warrantee

**Care: 409 Fantastik, Lysol, or Windex. The leathers take more care. Silestone recommends using “Countertop Magic” cleaner.

**Contains Microban, an anti-microbial product

** Four times the flexural strength of granite, making it less susceptible to chipping and cracking during transportation and installation.

Silestone "Capri Limestone"

Silestone "Grey Expo"

Silestone Blanco Stellar Snow. Designed by In Detail

Comments 25

  1. Cheryl,
    Great Post again, Quartz is much better than granite on a practical level and for my taste a design level. I also like that it gives the color range of Concrete. Not the texture or sheen, but the color range.
    I prefer Ceasar Stone of all the Quartz, do you?

  2. Silestone is a material my wife and I have seriously considered for our kitchen, for a lot of the reasons you set forth here. But with my woodworking abilities, my heart is really set on a wood countertop. I don’t know if I’ll get the courage to go after something that ambitious (I’ve never done one before), but it’s really my first choice.

  3. Post

    Thanks Robert and Joseph! As for preferences…I do specify more caesarstone than any other ..but only because I won 1000 dollars in a design contest from them! JUST KIDDING OF COURSE!! I like their colors…again, I use the more solid looks most of the time…I do like silestone Eco line and there a couple of Hanstone, which I will profile in part 2, that I love..and cabria is nice but seems more expensive than the rest in our area?? Maybe someone from the companies needs to weigh in!

  4. Ah-hah – telling comment above by Robert Foltz re the range of concrete (of course, I am biased being a concrete designer…). I agree, quartz is a great product, and no wonder it is the fastest growing surface option on the market. It is some tough stuff and performs to beat the band, all the while looking very smart. I keep going back to the heart of the matter; if you want to design soul and personality into an environment, concrete can’t be beat – it has integrity, individuality, and it is a designer’s dream; make what you want of it – really, whatever. Quartz is great – but it is what it is (manufactured) after all – concrete is what YOU want it to be. End of soapbox. Indulgences.

  5. Post

    Oh Rich!! I am with you! I have loved concrete since the days when I lived in So California and it was all the rage..and I moved to NW Florida and….nothing. Still..nothing. Doing a 6000 sq ft house wiht concrete floors and my own new bldg will have concrete floors ( mostly because am cheap and I do not own bldg) but love it for fact, in same house above we are doing concrete for the kitchen tops. But, tough if you do not have fabricator in your area!

  6. I’m with you sister! Don’t get me wrong ~ granite is nice but I struggled with the movement that most granites have. To me it was just too busy. I love quartz and the ability to place a complex backsplash with it. With all the wonderful product out there for backsplashes, I’d rather have that be prominent with the counter clean, quiet, and functional. I have to admit though ~ I love glass countertops a lot too!
    Paula Grace ~

  7. In the past 3 years we have only installed one job with Granite and the rest have all been Caesar Stone or similar product.

    A look comes into fashion and then it goes main stream. The benefits of Ceasar Stone are great, ease of repair, even colour and pattern make it a popular choice for both Kitchen and Bathroom renovations.

    Are last upscale bathroom we installed a couple of slabs of Calacatta Gold Marble it was a beautiful stone and looked great with the porcelain tile of the same look. I have noticed a lot more use of this fine Italian Marble by many designers I follow online.

    If I had to worry about my young kids using the solid surface counter top I’m sure I would chose the Ceasar Stone for it’s durability and stain resistance.


    John Whipple

    “When it’s perfect. It’s good enough.”

  8. Well, son-of-a-gun, call it kismet. I honestly write my blogs a week or more in advance, and I just this moment posted a blog on Concrete Detail, which is a New England-based company. I came across him because he commented on one of my blogs, and when I tracked down where the comment came from, I was intrigued with his site and decided to write a blog on his company. What I find myself particularly liking about Concrete Detail is the simplicity with which they approach their medium. They are able to do those glorious countertops with colored glass and wonderful dyes that make it look like somewhat like a river flowing through one’s kitchen. Ah, hell…….that would have been a slick title for the blog: “A River Flows Through It.” But I digress!

    The point I started to make is that Concrete Detail does wonderful things in a simpler mode, which allows the countertop to make a more comfortable union with the kitchen in which it resides, which is what I personally think the countertop should be doing. Some of the time. It’s like everything else in life, I guess. There are no real hard and fast rules, just feelings that certain materials used in conjunction with certain others brings to one’s perception. Sometimes the countertop is absolute, total, unmitigated WOW; other times it is more conservative, effortlessly blending in with its environment. Which should be it be? Well, it just depends.

    In any case, I found their work to be most stimulating. Were they in my area, I might well consult them when it comes time to install a countertop. But only if I decide to chicken out on the wood countertop that is really my preference!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the great comments! I love concrete too…but sadly, no one around here to do well. John: Calcutta gold is one of my all time faves and never get tired of it! way more upkeep for countertops but in my mind…if you love it….then is worth it!

  9. Great informative post, it was nice to see it broken down in detail and shown with great images. I love the sophistication and whole look of the bath with the blue Lagos, gorgeous space.
    It is interesting to see where the trends go and in what areas. xo

  10. Excellent post on quartz, Cheryl.
    I wanted to put in a nice word for my friends at Compac, if that’s OK. These guys are in FL and like Silestone, hail from Spain. The product portfolio is a bit narrower but price and service are outstanding. They have released a collection in collaboration with designer Karim Rashid that is absolutely beautiful. Their website is http://www.compaqmqusa. Check them out!

    1. Post

      Thanks miguel! I will check them out. I am all about the colors..whatever looks best for my design is what I want to choose. thanks for the good info!

  11. I vacillated for two months during my kitchen remodel before finally settling on Caesarstone Blizzard and so far could not be happier with my choice! It’s beautiful, fresh, and hopefully as durable and impervious as they say.

    1. Post

      Beth: I love blizzard too! Just had a bathroom published this month in Bath Trends magazine showing blizzard countertop and also 12 in high backsplash! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. You have a picture of a dark grey countertop by Cambria with a marble backsplash. Can you tell me the official color name?


    1. Post

      I am not sure off the top of my head but is a really dark gray. When I am back in town will be happy to check for you!

  13. Quartz is a fancy new corian if you ask me. The beauty of granite is in it’s variation. Quartz is a trend, granite is a mainstay, soon quartz will be cheap, but granite will always hold more value.

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