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Recently I had the honor of working with some of my design colleagues on a really cool design project from the gurus at Kitchens.com. They paired 4 designers ( of which, I am one!) with 4 iconic personalities in order to design their dream kitchen.  My icon, Miriam Kamin has the distinction of being one of Babble‘s inaugural top 50 mommy bloggers holding down a sweet number 6 place! She has a great blog called Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda that is now one of my “go to” blog reads.
It was great fun and I really liked my final design. Not all of it was able to be shown on the kitchens.com site because well, gee, I could not apparently hog the entire project. Sniff Sniff.
I am just kidding of course. Kim, Kevin and Mark did a fabulous job and I know it could not have been easy rounding us stray designers up and making sure they were interpreting our ideas correctly and adding the final details. I was honored to included in this project and am happy to show you some additional details of the “dream kitchen design” for Miriam and for Kitchens.com!

my full floorplan showing the symmetry of design. One side is exterior garden courtyard for use as a retreat and garden and other side mirrors it with a combined pantry walk in and laundry space. At the top is a small but private office for Miriam and command central for the family.

This shows the sconces on the wall with loads of windows. Love windows in a kitchen! And illustrates the island seating as a family.

I love the shot of retro orange in the seating area by the garden windows. Relaxing! I was surprised too at how many people really liked the driftwood flooring selection!

This shot shows the doors that mimic on both sides but these are leading to the courtyard garden.

Kitchens.com's Kevin rendered my sketches into this! Pretty cool!

This view of Kevin's is showing the walk in pantry, housing a second Jenn Air oven also and the laundry area. A mom of small kids needs everything close by!

My choice for backsplash. Soothing colorway yet fun design. Mosaic glass tiles called "Fiona" from New Ravenna

The countertop selection :Silestone Grey Expo

Ben Moore Sea Star paint color for cabinetry where noted

Ben Moore's Snowfall white for the tall cabinetry and trim. Note the mirror inserts on the tall cabinets!

One of my fave lights from Sonneman for over the island

Good neutral wall color. Northern Cliffs from Ben Moore

Softer version for the ceiling. Rodeo from Ben Moore

Please check out my colleague’s designs as well on the Kitchens.com site! Here is a sneak preview!

Paul Anater of Kitchen and Residential Design

Ann Porter: Kitchen Ann

Kelly Morriseau of Kitchen Sync

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  1. Congrats! I actually seen Pauls on Sunday when he posted it. I was so impressed by the rendering done to the plans. Can you imagine handing a design to a client with these image qualities. I have to say I love the designs you guys created, each one unique in there own way and completely different in styles. It must have been pretty nerve racking waiting for them to be published!! I am becoming a huge fan of SileStone and here in Ireland it is really becoming an affordable counter top for the kitchen. Keith.

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      Yes the renderings are great aren’t they?? I used an old version of planit and thought they came out pretty good but when I saw Kevins…was even better! Awesome. Thanks for the nice comments and nice to know I have a reader in Ireland…my family is originally from County Cork! ~~Cheryl

  2. OK, Passionate Girl, ya want passion? I’ll give ya passion. There’s no there here!

    I think all four of you created some really slick designs. I saw them, and my first thought was how to approach the designers to ask for permission to blog on something they had (1) created themselves and (2) already written about themselves. But I was going to do it anyway, because my blogs are always that—passionate, written on something I honestly find fascinating. Sometimes it is even exciting, which is something this old codger really never thought he would feel about kitchens, but I have to tell you these two years plus writing blogs on just that subject have been absolutely fascinating. And fun. And stimulating.

    Well, now we can add frustrating. These kitchens don’t exist! So neither does what would have been a very fun blog to write, probably four because I loved all four concepts.

    But that said (taking deep gulps now, going to my happy place), they are all wonderful kitchen concepts, and the kitchen images are totally slick. I thought these kitchens actually existed. And if I were one of the four “clients,” by gosh, at least one of them would.

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    ah joseph…yes was an exercise in imagination and dreaming:) Although I am going to use some of my ideas to present to a new client who is retrofitting an old restaurant into a home…second one I will have done! ~Cheryl

  4. Man, the restaurant project sounds slick. I would LOVE to see how that one comes out. And it would be even better with “before and after” pictures.

  5. Hi Cheryl, Cork is a lovely part of Ireland – the accent is a bit strange to even me though!! I’m sure you have plenty of readers in Ireland, they’re are just a bit shy and slow to comment like myself:) I use a software called ArtiCad for designing kitchens. There are quiet a few design features to it such as VR, Sketch, and the basic plans. Planit is used here but not as much and mostly by the UK companies with showrooms in Ireland. Anyway, keep up the good work and congrats again, Keith.

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