I have been working the past few weeks on redoing parts of my living room. Note to self: not best idea in the world to begin redo right before the holidays. Makes hubby C R A N K Y. Ah well.

I live in a small house on the beach. Yeah it is tough! Ok, the “living” part is no so tough but the small part of the “small house on the beach” is not always conducive to my design ideas! I have a fairly eclectic style and love color…but also love backdrops of solid neutrals. (thus the Ben Moore Duxbury Gray walls…one of the In Detail faves)

As anyone who knows me will say, I also like to change things up….alot. But I am really liking how the living room is turning out even with the tight budget and I think even my family is beginning to forgive me for undertaking painting/moving furniture/moving their favorite items to a new spot….finally. My oldest daughter has no idea why the old “look” was not for me anyway…but hey, she wants to be a writer. Not going to inherit the design business. My youngest daughter loves it all but is more concerned with how SHE looks when she is sitting on the new sofa. Teenagers.

Hubby is patient, And kind. And is just happy a larger tv found it’s way into the design layout. And yes, it DOES take over the room but we enjoy it.

So, I am posting a few of the pictures for you to see how it is coming along. PLEASE note these are pix taken with my iphone and are not professional. Nor are the  drapes steamed yet, the room is not completed with accessories etc etc..

I spent a good portion of my budget on fabulous fabrics and have more pillows on the way that will be ‘wow”…but for the most part, everything here is pretty affordable and that means….I can change it up later!

The one major thing left to do is to convince kind and patient hubby that the ceiling fan has GOT to go. it comes in handy in the summer but oh geez…am really wanting a Seascape “Luther” chandelier with a silk dupioni shade…..This may take high level negotiations…and maybe a compromise with a Fanimation cool ceiling fan:) I also like the acrylic prints behind the sofa very much…but I swiped these from my shop and really want all 4 of the same for more visual impact. But until they come in…I will have a riot of color going on!

Dining area adjacent is next…then on to the upstairs….:)

Resources and aproximate costs on some items found at bottom of post.

The over sized lamp and the black marble add an upscale feel to the space despite the beach house location! The Romo fabric on the pillows adds the right zing to the simple linen sofa.
My beloved ROMO fabric. I also really like the classic buttons on the sofa back. The over scaled Arteriors lamp is gorgeous
Villa Romo curtains and Romo sheers

Love the oversized nail heads on our Robin Bruce chairs
The hanging floor lamp from Eurofase provides exactly the right (and bright) light I need over the chaise
The space planning of this room is so much more workable than before. We now have a sofa for seating but also two comfy chairs AND a chaise that is a great spot for reading. Is really way more user friendly...and bear in mind...the entire house is only 1900 square feet!
Inexpensive white lacquer tables grouped together provide a great coffee table!
Great chair. Great nailheads. Super comfy and perfect "size" for my space. See below for Romo fabric that will be the pillows.
These are my Romo "winter" pillows. Easy way to add personality and help fight the need to "redo" as often....make a second set of "summer" pillows!
Brilliant color is my "thing". But, set against a neutral..and darker background. This is a local artist. I love the boldness of the design and the color too. And the price tag:)
More art. More bold and eye catching. The other two smaller pieces are also local artists. This is in hallway.
Score at TJ Maxx! 15.00 silver starfish platter. Love it!
another Tj score! Great little vases and the price was right!
A thrift store find. Will be adding more Romo fabric to cover this sleek Scandinavian chair...and will also be same fabric as the pillows on the chairs!
Romo "Ettori" Odin in wasabi...for my accent pillows and to recover the scan chair. LOVE it.
And of course...my love of books...I think books add dimension and style to any room....as well as a sense of humanity

This room makes me happy!

This room makes me happy!

Aproximate Costs:

Robin Bruce “Clark” chairs: $800 each

Private Label “in detail” Chaise as shown: $1200

Private Label “in detail” sofa: $1400 without custom Romo pillows.

Romo fabric: From $110 to $150 a yard retail

Eurofase floor lamp: $450

HIckory White marble twig table: $1200

White lacquer coffee tables: $250 each

Arteriors coral lamp: $220

Arteriors large lamp: $350

Acrylic art behind sofa: $130 each

Amy Butler wool rug: $600

Flea market scandinavian chair: $50

Tj Maxx platter starfish: $14.99

Tj Maxx vases: $6.99 each

Jonathan Adler white vase: $150

Robert Abbey side table by chaise:  $225