Ok folks…if you are still with me….I have been challenged by some, er, well, PEOPLE to blog 5 days out of 7 with two oldies but goodies running twice a week. I would love to think these PEOPLE miss my witty repartee, my scathingly humorous posts on all things design and the business of design….but really I think is just because said PEOPLE are conspiring to make me crazy(ier) and take over my burgeoning business and hijack all my clients.

So, of course with all commitments come vows. Here are mine.

****I will not use my blog as any sort of therapy because I am in the nuttiest of all businesses. ( Big lie. I so will use my blog as therapy..why else write it?)

****I vow to have an outline for the week ahead. ( hehe….this is a big JOKE)

****I vow to write at least one passion filled post each week that you would not show your momma. (ok, maybe  two a week)

****I vow to honestly give my opinion when asked, when not asked, about varied subjects and about subjects that interest no one but me but keep me from writing nastygram emails to people I should not write nastygram emails to…(I do not like to call it therapy I like to call it VENTING)

****I vow to not aggravate or annoy Bob Borson( who writes a really awesome blog called Life of an Architect and I am totally jealous)  any more than necessary because as you may or may not know I have my own mini me Bob in my business now and am thinking these architects have some sort of DNA issues…and Sir Nick as we call him will be making guest appearances also and he is kinda like a Bob in training. (let’s see how many peoples on my design staff read this…)

*****I vow to not bore you to tears with yet another review of some obscure product you could give a crap about but only write about products I LOVE, ENDORSE, and am PASSIONATE about…:)

*****I vow to employ good grammar, spell words correctly and otherwise sound vaguely intelligent EXCEPT when I am on a total rant or drinking wine. In which case I do not want to read whiny comments about my grammar mistakes.

And away we go…………………………………………………………….stay tuned for some clips of our new in detail interiors reality tv show also. What? We do not HAVE a reality tv show? Ha! We will……..

(addendum 000001)

.Oh by the way, my first ooopsy…this post was supposed to be on January 2nd but I could not figure out the post later feature of wordpress. And please do not ask me why I did not start on January 1st. Because if you must ask this question, you should not be reading my blog in the first place.