ok, I have ranted on FB and now am doing it here…I mean after all, what good is it to have a blog if you cannot complain a bit?

I am actively looking for a design assistant. In Florida, we employers will now be paying like a bazillion more percent for unemployment insurance. You know it is that economy thing I keep hearing about. But, I would like to know why, then, I cannot find anyone who seems to make it through an interview? Let me be clear. I have a great staff. More than great. Stellar. I just want one more eeensy weensy stellar person. Is it so much to ask?

Case in point: Yesterday interviewed a gal, (and I know she is not reading this because she did not have enough gumption to find out anything about me before sending a “Dear Manager” cover letter) who was very nice. Punctual and well groomed. But she had a fatal flaw. Well, the one I saw first and could not get over. She chewed gum during the interview.

I could not lose sight of the gum. Every time I tried to think of something to ask her that seemed nice enough, while really trying to get on with my afternoon, I focused on the gum. Yeah it was a deal killer. Don’t you think people have a clue? Is this the REAL reason why there is such high unemployment? Employers have tired of the lack luster attitudes and ho hum abilities to even manage an interview adequately? I would go ballistic if one of my employees or designers was chewing gum in front of a client. Or me. Consider it a perk of my position. No gum chewing in front of “da ┬áboss lady”.

Queen Diva

I am not opposed to nice smelling breath mind you, but that is why they have that great little spray thingy. Buy it. Leave the gum at home for quietly gnashing in private. In your closet. Just don’t apply for a job with me.