I am sicker than a dog and hardly feel like doing much of anything other than curling up with a great book, of which I received several for Christmas! But, oddly, despite feeling poorly, I am kind of pumped up looking forward to 2010! More so than in past years, I feel very optimistic about the way business is going, am thrilled with my designers and support staff and their level of expertise as well as their incredible work ethic and am really excited about our potential move into a much larger space!

I think we all have a certain anxiety when facing the new year. What will it hold for us? for our families? for our businesses? But, I think the next year will be better than the last and am hoping for a better economy, lower unemployment and for Coach Meyer of the Florida Gator fame to rest up and do something to lower his stress level so he can be back at it in “10! ( That was for my husband and my valiant assistant, Stacy!)

Eat your black eye peas off a knife for good luck on New Year’s day! Keep tuned in to our blog for more great photos and interesting entries on materials, design and all sorts of fun stuff!