Today is my birthday! Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a nut about my birthday. It generally starts at the beginning of the month and if you are lucky it ends sometime before the end of the month! No worries on forgetting it because I will remind you! Let the party begin!

I have a great (or so I think) idea about birthday gifts amongst good girl-friends.. tonight everyone laughed at me but I actually think it has merit…for a friends birthday…give a gift…but not a new gift..something that you already own..could be something you received and does not go with your decor…could be a piece of jewelry..could be a wonderful book..could be a sweet treat from your pantry…don’t worry that you are regifting…because you are! And we all have too much stuff anyway! What a great way to be “green”,recycle and even save a buck or two but more importantly…how much fun could the opening of the gifts be!! And, this would stimulate your creativity.. Maybe even some friends might pass around same gift over and again!  Let me know what you think. Can we give up that part of our ego that says you must buy a new gift for someone??

It is late and maybe need to reevaluate in morning if really a good idea or not…but something really appeals to me about it..and how much more meaningful?? Did I mention, we all have too much stuff anyway!!!!

I am going to visit all of my job sites today and relish in the excitement of ideas coming together and enjoy the beautiful spaces that my clients are going to call home very soon. I love what I do, even on the “bad” days and am so thankful for the fun and interesting projects I have underway at the moment!! If I am lucky, I will spend the afternoon with friends and the evening with family. I love birthdays!