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Some of you might know we are soon moving our design showroom to a much larger building downtown. While this is super exciting, I am boggled by the amount of work that must be done making the move as well as outfitting the new location with our custom designed furnishings, branded furnishings, new displays of countertops and such, plumbing, hardware..and the list goes on.

New, yet old building!
The biggest problem as I see it is simply finding the time amongst our workload to focus entirely on the new building. So, not much has gotten done and sheetrock is just about finished. Yikes! I feel  kind of like an imposter in some ways…surely I should be able to handle all this right?
I mean, we are handling major projects for clients?? What gives with making decisions on our own place?

cool doors we bought for 75 bucks each!
Thursday, myself and other two designers, Stacy and Julie sat down and tried to start knocking out decisions. You would think that a business all about design would have all this planning in place and sketches and files…hmmm…something about a cobbler’s son not having any shoes pops into my mind.

Sonneman chandelier
But we had a productive day: Bathroom cool sink, yet still ADA, check! Tile for walls in bath , check! Faucet, easy. love
my Brizo RSVP, check!New checks. Not yet anyway. Got the plans though!
3 designers, award winning at that, and we are struggling with one small working kitchen. Go figure. Too much knowledge I think. This could be why my guest bath is still on the drawing board after one year! Too many ideas and not enough space!

Latoscano wall mount sink

My beloved Brizo!
And to think that we will be at KBIS, HighPoint, then Coverings…all at the same time we will be needing to move makes me tremble.

Cubica blanco going on vanity wall in bathroom
I really am empathizing with how my clients feel when so overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the decisions. But I always tell them this why they hired me! So can’t we just hire this job out??

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  1. You can do this thing – summon your inner dragon lady. Think of legions of gum-chomping tirekickers roaming through your space, leaving fingerprints, and taking free samples and then harness that energy!

    My own house and shop is in a similar state with perpetual to-do lists that get longer, not shorter. Probably cuz I spend all my time aiming to service our clients at a level far beyond what they are used to experiencing. Oh well. As it should be… someday….

  2. Haha! Rich that is exactly how it is! I need an organizational flow chart just of my lists!! I don’t care of people wander and get fingerprints,,, that was Adriennes beef but I do care if it all looks good!!!

  3. Pressure! 🙂 It is ALWAYS easier making decisions for someone else, I don’t know why, it just is. With all the talent you have, w/out a doubt, it will be fabulous! Good luck! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. LOVE the doors.

  4. Post

    Thanks Laura! I just looked at blog for first time in a few days due to spring break and I REALLY needed that positive comment tonight!!! Feeling really out of control!!

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