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Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine. ~~St. Thomas Aquinas

I have been on the hunt for a great tub for a client. The “perfect” tub. The one that will define a master bath as a sanctuary from all the world’s pain or, at least, as a great place for a good soak.

I want to be this woman! Castello Baths

It seems lately, I am constantly on the search for tubs. Small baths, large baths, luxury baths, budget baths….does not seem to matter, always searching. I think this probably is because I know the importance of choosing the proper tub for the space we are designing.

Often, it seems people choose tubs as an afterthought. Not me. I think the tub, if we are having a tub at all, is a critical design element and the layout and space planning must be coordinated with the tub selection.

For one of my current projects, I am looking for an affordable free standing tub for a remodel where the builder or designer did not think it was important to center the tub on the window.

In this bath, I want to fix the visual problem with the window being off center. Don’t you love the 2×2 sickly looking pink tile? Just imagine, it is in the shower all over the walls also! This bath is a tough one. Probably one of the best “worst” bathroom I have seen in a while.

I am searching for “the” tub to actually put in front of  the shower longways and thus will be centered perpendicular to the window. I think will work but the  search for the right “affordable” options has been tough.  I have enlisted the aid of some of my design buddies and this is what I got.

My buddy Paul. You are a barrel of laughs Paul! Kitchen and Residential Design

The tub I am currently thinking will work best is the “Essential” from Oceania. But, the price may blow the deal. I hope not. Do you have a favorite freestanding tub? Give me some info in the comments! I would love to hear about your favorite tub of any sort!

The "Essential" from Oceania Baths

In other cost savings measures, this little bath for a teenager had a darling little tub measuring 36×36. Only bad thing is the color: avocado green.

Avocado green petite tub

I advised against getting rid of it  because the teen sometimes likes to sit and does not want to get her hair wet. And besides, it is just kinda cute! But lot’s cuter in white! So remember with a cast iron tub, reglazing can be a viable option.

The avocado ripens into bright white!

Another current project for a master bath is going to be home to this fabulous bath from Victoria and Albert and is named the “Ravello.”. It is made from English cast: a one piece casting of volcanic limestone and resin. It is harder and more durable than acrylic so say the manufacturers. All I know is that it is a stunning bath tub

The Ravello bath from Victoria and Albert. I would consider bulldozing my beach house for this bathtub!

and is going to be a show stopper in this modern classic bath. For those of you who stop by regularly, this is the project that I was on the fence about a few weeks ago. Now that we are rearranging the master layout ( thank you awesome  gem of a contractor who bought into the re-design ) I am very excited about the direction of this bath!

And to wrap up tubs for the evening , I leave you with one of my favorite tubs: The Wind tub from Neptune . I have used this tub several times and in each project, it reads differently in the design. What do you think? We LOVE comments!~~~Cheryl

Designed by In Detail  for a modern bath.

The Wind tub in a more traditional setting. Designed by In Detail

A condo bath with 7ft ceilings! Designed by In Detail

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  1. Oh, man, did you rattle the right cage! My wife and I have a fairly large home—by our standards. The Helena, Montana home where I grew up was a single bath home of about a thousand square feet, so anything bigger than that… Our current home is about twice that size, but the two bathrooms are cracker boxes and are destined to remain so, as we are simply not willing to undergo the major remodeling that would be necessary if we expanded them.

    However, we do have an elaborate backyard that consumed some nine years of my life, and one of the features is a casita which encloses a spa, our escape from the cares of the world whenever we need such things. But that is not the same thing as having one of those wonderful tubs inside our home, as opposed to “down the path a bit,” and in writing my own blogs, the “perfect tub” has been one of my quests. It’s a sort of Moses quest, I suppose, in that I can lead others to it, but cannot go to the Promised Land myself.

    I have written quite a bit on the subject because I do think those who have the room for it are well-advised to have a glorious tub in their bathroom, as opposed to “just a tub,” or worse, the standard tub/shower tract home monstrosity. My favorite blog on the subject is entitled “Had I but Room Enough and Time.” This is the URL for it:

    The WS Bath collection is an expensive way to go, but on the other hand, how many times are you going to undergo a major remodeling of your bathroom? In all likelihood, only once. Why not go for it, for you shall not pass this way again!

  2. Post
  3. Hi Cheryl!  Thanks for sharing your designs!  In particular, I am investigating use of the Neptune Wind tub in a small condo bath in place of a small traditional tub/shower. I was intrigued by your last picture of the Wind tub that was labelled “A condo bath with 7ft ceilings!”. Did the owners use the tub as a shower?  If so, did you build anything to protect from water splashing?  How was it worked for your clients?


  4. I installed the neptun wind tub in my bathroom. I love it! It is beautiful and very comfortable. My medium size bathroom has both shower and tub and still seems very specious.

  5. My wife and I decided on the Wind tub for our remodeled bath. However we are having installation problems due to no access for the drain or water connections once the tub is in place. It is the R-hand model in a corner where the straight & long side is against an outside wall therefore we can not make an access panel on that side. Has anyone else had to overcome this type of install issue?

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