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Some good ideas to stretch the budget. The key is the creativity you bring to the table! Let me know what you think and if you have any great ideas to add.

Dreams vs Budget

Everyone wants a beautiful kitchen and bath but most of us have to save and plan for the the dream to happen. Yet, you still want to spruce up what you have now without making costly mistakes. You can do it! The key is to define the budget you have to spend and make choices that can work into tomorrow’s dream. These are creative and cost effective ways to polish up your space….Today!

  • Paint is the greatest design tool. Paint can add drama to even the most mundane cabinetry while covering up a multitude of flaws. Simply put: when the budget can’t handle new cabinetry, paint paint paint. And, do not be afraid of color!

  • If you are set on new countertops and are ok replacing them later for the “dream”, then try large scale tile set closely together with a “credit card” grout line. You can make a nice looking counter for far less than solid materials. Or, laminates are making a comeback and offer more up to date colors than in the past. Just stay away from the coved 4 inch laminate splash. This says tract home.

  • Consider investing in a new island. This can really change the function of your space as well as the look but at a lesser cost than redoing all the cabinets right now. Just make sure it can work for the future design layout as well or buy a movable one that can be relocated later to a different spot in your home.

  • New handles make a world of difference. If you have preexisting holes, then measure the center to center distance so you know what size you need. Bring that shopping with you. New handles can dress up existing cabinetry beyond your imagination.

  • Add pendant lights. They can be cost effective if you shop wisely. Add dimmers while you are it. Dimming is a great effect for any space.

  • Think accents! Some of your cabinets can be painted a different color for punch. Or take a couple of doors and add a glass panel …or a panel of metal or some other material. Be creative! Take off some doors and put v groove paneling in the back of the cabinet or just paint it a contrasting color. You can also use a wallpaper texture that can be painted for a really funky look.

  • No backsplash? Buy some cool cards that are “kitschy” and frame them. Hang them along the backsplash in a repetitive manner.

  • Shop for inexpensive decorative accessories that can “hide” your “stuff” and add visual texture to countertops while cleaning up clutter. I recently bought several baskets, mismatched platters and other cute items from local thrift shops. Cheap for now and when I need to redo, I can re-donate the items back! One Lucite little vase was a steal! Try it. It’s fun. Just go with the right attitude and look for items that can be used for different functions and in a creative way.