Dream bedroom and bath…part 2!

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Next up would be the larger foundation pieces such as the bed. I fell in love with this Dickens bed from And so to bed! Polished Nickel is my favorite finish on anything (although chrome is a close second and best for the budget…but hey I am dreaming right?) and this hand crafted bed is stunning. I love the over scaled size, standing at 68 inches tall and the polished nickel finish gives the traditional look of the bed added personality. I also included a pedestal side table from and so to bed that will work as nightstands. The design of the table stands on its own and finished off with the Currey and Currey lamp is all you need. I like this table because it is not clunky but “chunky” so works with the bed and not against it.

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  1. Please share photos. This sounds wonderful! Both of my baths were done in polished nickel about 14 years ago. I still love it. (by the way, in my private label line, polished nickel is the same price as polished chrome.)

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