Ok so apologies for the lapse in time getting part two out the door. It has been CRAZEEEE getting ready for Blog Tour London! If you have not already, please take a quick jaunt to Modenus’ website for the latest and greatest up to date info on the tour as well as the incredible London Design Festival coverage. Not to be missed! There is also some very informative info on all the Blog Tour London sponsors as well. And you can follow me up there in the right hand corner on twitter and Facebook to keep up on latest news starting TUESDAY.

Sigh. I love it all. I wish I had that Ravello tub right now to go sit in and soak.

My dream bedroom plan begins with the same design element I begin with for any of my clients when doing a bedroom: the bed. After all, it is called the BEDroom.

I chose the Dickens bed from a most fabulous English company called And so to bed. The Dickens luxury bed is hand-crafted in pure brass, with a polished nickel finish.  The polished nickel is my favorite “finish” on anything and this will coordinate with the bath! ( to me, chrome is the standard….perfect for most jobs but love polished nickel when you want to dress it up) My new bed is over scaled and stands at 69 inches tall! I LOVE THE SIZE! This bed is just as sexy as the bath fixtures. ( Puhlease, get your mind out of the gutter). And so to bed is all about custom. Finishes are hand applied and gorgeous!

The Dickens you say! Yep, that is what I said.

I also fell in love perusing their website with some of the accent furniture. You know I never met a small table I did not like and accent chairs are a close second. ( in my own home now..all 1900 square feet of it…I have at last count, 9 smallish accent chairs and 6 random tables….seriously)

The upholstered Chemille chair.

Best news? These beds can be yours in the US now also! More deets to follow on this…after I visit their new 7000 sq foot showroom! This is cool stuff and count on me to be reporting back and tweeting lots of pix!

My bedside table of choice is a beautiful mahogany piece that features a slide out shelf and beautiful details. They call the ball feet elegant but I am calling it whimsical. The proportions of the table and how it was designed lends itself to many applications and not just in the bedroom!  I love the fact that it is 30 inches tall. I am constantly looking for taller side tables for beside the bed. Who wants to lean over to set down your book ( or glass of wine in my case)?

Love the feet!
Here it is an alternate finish. Custom finishes are always the “thing” for us designer people!

I included some of my favorite fabrics from Romo too even though they are not a Blogtour London sponsor. They should be. I am going to sashay myself over to their showroom at some point  (I hope) and introduce V to someone. Maybe a shop girl or a sales clerk. It is not like I know anyone there of course but betcha I do before I leave London! I love Romo fabrics as evidenced by the plethora of their samples in my showroom and on my portfolio!

Love me some Romo!

I want to also mention an organization involved in Blog Tour London called Maggie’s Centers. This is a cancer support program that provides free practical, emotional and psychological support to anyone affected by any type of cancer including friends and carers.

Having 4 people in my very small neighborhood alone that are currently living with cancer as well as family members who have died from it, this hits home with me. I am excited to partake in the 8 yr old Maggie’s Night Hike through the streets  of London (well excited for as long as my knee will allow) visiting iconic buildings along the way including the famed London Eye. I think it is pretty cool that the Blog Tour London designers will be able to help support this event.

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I bid you good night, sadly not from my dream Dickens bed but just an old relic that is decidedly NOT sexy. I can always dream.