I may be compelled to admit I am bi-polar. Yes, it is true. At least with my blog. Nice (mostly) girl one minute and then the next…whipping out a new blog category called  “oh noooo” I dedicate this to Mr Bill, whom I adore. So off the tile subject for a few days and on to something new! Oh, and for full disclosure: I am not being mean…but am just sayin…..

Don’t do this!

The Devil dishes on design.

So this kitchen is nice enough. Of course, I do not care for the tile on the floor but I have an entire post dedicated to that issue…But why blow it with the two tone legs and island? I don’t get the appeal. And, please do not say all that fava about to each his own or beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This blog is my eye. And my eye says no go on the furniture styling that looks contrived and/or gratuitous. I use legs on islands all the time but not like this. It could be better.

Valium needed. For the kitchen. Not me. I do not like so much going on. The shelf supports again seem gratuitous. No counterspace. Hip busting bump outs. Odd use of space for cabinetry. And, not wild about the vgroove panelling with the tile and all the rest. Oh yeah, and picture my Aunt Nonnie trying to get a knife from the knife block…she would be stuck in that little hidey hole created by the bump out  for days!

I know I will get toasted on the pix above but have to call it like I see it. At first blush, it “reads” nicely but with closer inspection, I ask you, does this work? And good design is all about making “it” work. This is why people hire a designer in the first place.

I am pretty sure there is not one single piece of symmetry anywhere in this picture. Maybe in rest of space. Who knows?
A hint here: if you want something to “disappear” paint it black. The toe space could have been painted black where the legs are and would have helped the legs work, Maybe. I do not do legs unless on an island. Angled pretty decorative fillers perhaps..yes! But legs need to support something. I do like what I see on the side with the mix of natural woods. And, why the open storage in the base cabinet near corner? Huh?? Ok, so ending on a postive: I like the crown…nice details and I love inset cabinetry construction. (and exposed hinges too but in this case, less would have been more and they might have considered using hidden hinges here to minimize MORE eye clutter)

I am not sure I even know what to say about this tub. And, I never want to say never when it comes to products..because sometimes you just do not know what you might find a creative use for…but this one stumps me.