As 2010 draws to a  close, I have been evaluating my blog and listening to clients and readers as to what they like/dislike about the blog. I am tickled that one common comment has been that I have not been writing enough! It is flattering as well as kind of scary since the days already seem to be pretty long!  But I really enjoy the writing and the communication with my peers, clients and just random folks who happen by…so my new year’s resolution is to write more often! One of the other suggestions has been to do more case studies on our projects. Starting at the beginning and working our way through the goals, challenges and design rationale. Along with this type of “case study”, we will also be posting “as we go” projects so that readers can share the process! This might be a vicarious thrill for some and painful for others if they have lived through their own remodels!  I hope you enjoy case study #1 and will give me your ideas on what YOU would like to see more on the “Details and Design” blog!

Small bath with loads of personality!

This is a returning client from years past. She finally was getting around to getting her daughter’s bathroom remodeled! The daughter wanted pink then….and wanted pink now, 9 years later! To keep from being cotton candy sweet, we broke up the pink into small accent pieces and provided a more classic black and white scheme to be the main focal point. This allows the bathroom to grow along with her daughter!


Before Photos

There was not an option to change the general layout of this super small space. So the challenge became how to reorganize it to suit the needs of this teen girl. The existing porcelain tub was avocado green and measured 30×30 and was 12 inches deep! Quite an interesting shape and size so we decided to keep it and glaze it white. The only option would have been to do a shower and the daughter really liked taking baths once in a while.

To provide a bit of glamour amongst the pink accents we clad the vanity wall in black, white and gray marble penny round tiles. The floor is a 12×12 shiny American Olean tile adding to the glam feeling. We chose to build the euro styled cabinetry out of a white gloss thermo-foil and topped it with a piece of marble. Every detail down to the Eurofase chandelier,Crystorama sconces , and Brizo Virage faucet echo the classic ambiance we sought….while still maintaining enough girlish charm to suit the desires of the young client!


Note the details: Brizo Virage faucet, penny round tile, gorgeous sconces

We had the opportunity to design this bath from top to bottom including the accessories!
A peak at the new shower and glazed tub!
Eurofase Chandelier
American Olean Porcelain


Goals and Challenges:

**Design a pretty space suited to a young teen without being too juvenile

**Keep existing layout but improve function as well as dated look

**Maximize storage

**Existing layout was very tight

**Existing tub was avocado green and unusually tiny

**The shower system was not installed properly: was a retrofit from a          decade ago and sprayed water all over the place

**Poor lighting

Design Solutions:

**Enlarged small storage space and added mirrored door to reflect more light

**Added chandelier that was sized properly for the space but gave off great light

**Added wall sconces that also added additional light as well as added to the classic style

**Used an easy to clean thermo-foil gloss door because this teen was very MESSY

**Utilized the desired pink in small accents and the shower curtain

**Mirrored storage cabinet for added light reflection

**Shiny rectified porcelain floor tiles in black provide high contrast with the white

**Brizo Faucetry added an elegant design and look

**Reused old tub and simply glazed it white: good as new

**Marble shower surround

So what do you think? Did we meet the stated needs of the client? Did we successfully address the challenges? Let us hear what you think!
And please let me know what sort of blogging information and case studies you would like to see here! We appreciate all input!