Design by the numbers!

I get asked about the following information quite often and I sometimes take it for granted..because I deal with it every day. So had a few minutes before

Some favorite sconces!

While looking for a client yesterday, I saved some of my favorites. For different bathrooms and for different reasons but fun to share!

Gotta love a Truffle!!

Everyone knows I love Blanco! And now here is another reason why.. The introduction of another gorgeous color I first saw in Germany: Truffle! Truffle is a soft

57 DAYS!!!! Counting Down!

Woohoo! I loved BLANCO sinks and faucets before and have been talking about them for some time…check it out here and here but now can add even another

Modenus: Free online design resource!

As most of my readers know, I am a huge proponent of small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. And, well, yes…am especially proud of like minded women who choose

Walls that speak

We are moving our studio to a new (and larger) location in a few months. This is very exciting news for us as we are cramped now in

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

I am sicker than a dog and hardly feel like doing much of anything other than curling up with a great book, of which I received several for

What‘s Really Included?

Here is a wonderful guest blog from our own Laura Lawrence, CKD! It is informative information that will help you understand the design/budget process. Thanks Laura!   Budgets. 

Small bath vanities

I love designing bathrooms! Quickly becoming one of my favorite projects! (Although I am dilly dallying starting on my own…too many ideas!) I have been looking the past