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Passionately Busy!

GAWD! It really has been a month since last post. Bad, Bad, Cheryl! I miss writing and the feedback! But seriously has been so busy. Lots of changes


I wrote this on the spur of the moment as sort of “therapy” ( the cheap kind )…. But oh so true. Find anyone…send my way! Wanted: Passionate

And back at the In Detail ranch….

Life is pretty hectic right now at In Detail! Busy, busy and some truly wonderful clients we are working with on really interesting projects! Today we presented master

Gotta love a Truffle!!

Everyone knows I love Blanco! And now here is another reason why.. The introduction of another gorgeous color I first saw in Germany: Truffle! Truffle is a soft

What’s next for kitchen design?

What a question! A few weeks ago I returned from a whirlwind trip to Germany for the IMM Cologne International design fair. My role as a designer on

When do you stand firm?

I am up against a wall. May be fired. Probably will be. But at what point do you say “taste is subjective but good design is not?” I

57 DAYS!!!! Counting Down!

Woohoo! I loved BLANCO sinks and faucets before and have been talking about them for some time…check it out here and here but now can add even another

Modenus: Free online design resource!

As most of my readers know, I am a huge proponent of small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. And, well, yes…am especially proud of like minded women who choose