5 ways to wow in your new kitchen!

Most people know what they like when they see it but are not necessarily sure how to go about putting the right elements together to make a space

Count down…49 days to Blog Tour London!

Oh yeah! Making my list and checking it twice…getting ready for……BLOG TOUR LONDON!!! That’s right! I am joining Modenus and 14 other Designer/Bloggers (meet them all here!)on a trip to London

Iconic Inspirations: Kitchens.com

Recently I had the honor of working with some of my design colleagues on a really cool design project from the gurus at Kitchens.com. They paired 4 designers (

The Bright…of White

Eloquence, n. The art of orally persuading fools that white is the color that it appears to be. It includes the gift of making any color appear white. Ambrose