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5 mistakes people make when building a new home

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Building a home for your family is exciting! FUN, joyful. Or should be!  Not stressful and filled with enough anxiety to power your AC for the first year. After 18 years of working with homeowners and many, many new builds, without a doubt there are more than 5

Count down…49 days to Blog Tour London!

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Oh yeah! Making my list and checking it twice…getting ready for……BLOG TOUR LONDON!!! That’s right! I am joining Modenus and 14 other Designer/Bloggers (meet them all here!)on a trip to London in a few short weeks! We are going to experience The London Design Festival and explore all the fabulousness in design the

Practical wisdom: “Kelly’s Kitchen Sync” is on the shelf!

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I had the pleasure a year and a half ago to meet Kelly Morisseau, a second generation kitchen designer residing in my old home state of California. She is part of the now infamous (YEE HAW) Blogger 19! I love Kelly’s down to earth humor and sensible approach to

For those people who shop bricks and mortar stores… then buy off the internet

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I hope every person reading this will make a comment and weigh in. Whether you are a business owner, employee or just a consumer, I want to hear your thoughts. Here is my truth: I welcome the potential customers who come into my small, locally owned independent showroom

How can you know the right answer if you do not ask the right question?

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Interesting conversation tonight while talking to my attorney. Ok, well really it is my dad but he IS an attorney. And his fee structure is quite attractive to a small business owner like myself. Our conversation dovetails nicely from the post yesterday. I was lamenting to my attorney