The new super power: Hindsight

If only you could know today what you will learn tomorrow- Right? I have decided to decree the newest and most exciting superpower of all time to be:

I am passionate. Why not?

This is going out again for that special someone who does not “get” it. Get real. Be real.    I would guess that most of my fomer teachers

The truth about organizing

Some of you who pop in to read my blog upon occasion, may know I am undergoing an overhaul of my office. Suffice to say I needed to

Count down…49 days to Blog Tour London!

Oh yeah! Making my list and checking it twice…getting ready for……BLOG TOUR LONDON!!! That’s right! I am joining Modenus and 14 other Designer/Bloggers (meet them all here!)on a trip to London

KBIS or KBUST? 5 top K BAD’S!

Truth? Kind of a yawner. More of a social experience than a learning experience. I am sorry but I am a KBIS ( Kitchen and Bath Show)  veteran.

Passionately Busy!

GAWD! It really has been a month since last post. Bad, Bad, Cheryl! I miss writing and the feedback! But seriously has been so busy. Lots of changes


I wrote this on the spur of the moment as sort of “therapy” ( the cheap kind )…. But oh so true. Find anyone…send my way! Wanted: Passionate

Flying by the seat of my pants…

Some of you might know we are soon moving our design showroom to a much larger building downtown. While this is super exciting, I am boggled by the

When is lying ok?

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built ~~Eleanor Roosevelt, Today I found out a newish employee ordered something