Can we not do better than this?

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This house is for sale. Over 800k. I guess it is late and perhaps should not post while sleep deprived…but, I look at this kitchen ( cute family but that is just window dressing) and think to myself…why??? I suppose some might say it is nice blah blah. But, I look at it and think it belongs in my hall of shame. ( I just decided to start one so stay tuned) I mean really….for the cost to build this home, someone should have said to their client, “Hey we can do better than average or typical”. 

NOTE: The refrig sticking out. Says not custom. 

NOTE: The big box pendants…come on!! Check out your local lighting stores, Ylighting, Lightology….please!

NOTE: The offset travertine floor..ah so boring!


NOTE:  Peek around the darth vader ref and get a look at the wood hood slanted panels…blech!

Ok, I know I will get grief because it does not look THAT bad. But, it really lacks any imagination or style and I just am in one of those sorts of moods. Will try to be more social tomorrow. 


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  1. weeeeeel maybe a little rough…but you know sometimes you just have to prod people out of their comfort zone. Bet you a hundred bucks that this was not “designed” by a designer but simply on the architect’s plans and the builder contracted for cabinets and that was that!

  2. What should I do instead of the slantd wood hood? Don’t want a stainless hood. Maybe just flat rectangular hood cover that sticks out farther then the top cabinets on either side?

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