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5 ways to wow in your new kitchen!

Most people know what they like when they see it but are not necessarily sure how to go about putting the right elements together to make a space

Count down…49 days to Blog Tour London!

Oh yeah! Making my list and checking it twice…getting ready for……BLOG TOUR LONDON!!! That’s right! I am joining Modenus and 14 other Designer/Bloggers (meet them all here!)on a trip to London

Powder Bath Love

A quote I have used showed up on a “design quote of the day” website….kind of funny to see in print (especially after I learned one of my

Architects and their pretty pictures!

I decided to address this Article in the NY Times that has gone around on Twitter and Facebook titled “Skipping the Architect: Wise or Otherwise?”. WAS THE AUTHOR SERIOUSLY TASKED

Design by the numbers!

I get asked about the following information quite often and I sometimes take it for granted..because I deal with it every day. So had a few minutes before

KBIS or KBUST? 5 top K BAD’S!

Truth? Kind of a yawner. More of a social experience than a learning experience. I am sorry but I am a KBIS ( Kitchen and Bath Show)  veteran.

Look again at your electrical plans!

Trends in Homebuilding   Many innovative design trends for homebuilding and remodeling in 2012 can be found in the lighting and technology arena. This means working closely with

Coastal kitchen with a twist!

This is a gorgeous home for super nice people who were a pleasure to work with! I loved the easy and casual style they embraced yet we were

Bad lighting=Bad design

From the archives on lighting to wrap up this week in lighting design! Lighting is very important to any design project and is often neglected. I have been

Some favorite sconces!

While looking for a client yesterday, I saved some of my favorites. For different bathrooms and for different reasons but fun to share!

Sconce Savvy: What you need to know!

I see some gorgeous bathrooms every day. But the number one thing mistake I see in some really beautiful baths is the placement of sconces. It is fairly