My favorite part of Blog Tour London? The people. Hands down. This is what it is ALL about folks. Loved meeting sponsors and putting some faces to tweets. Was honored to get to know and talk shop with my esteemed colleagues on the trip! ( look mom, hanging with the cool crowd finally!!)

It is about the relationships you build…starting with the social connections on twitter, Facebook, pinterest, blogs and the like. And then putting names, faces and personalities to the tweets and posts is priceless. And you know? Everyone I met is REAL despite what people may say about social media. I found everyone to be as real as it gets. Different, unique and oh so fun! Just check it out!

Here we all are! Blog Tour London! I love this photo because there are so many real laughs going on. Notice Maryam’s (in the left corner) beautiful “laughing out loud” smile! Maryam has an interesting blog called My Marrakesh. A visual feast and some thought provoking text. I wish I could have spent more time with this uniquely talented woman!  I am voting Maryam “Most fascinating”!


Our local host with the most ! Irreverent and funny, I vote Tim “Most likely to know where to get the best drinks“. This concoction from The Gun, was mighty good….and packed a punch! I was teetering on my toes going back to the Citizen M.
And, who is this? Our fearless leader! In her VERY best candid camera pose! Anyone who is anyone knows of  Madame Modenus. Surely you do? V gets the “Uber Cool chick” award.
Oh so comfy is the Victoria and Albert new Cabrits as evidenced by Lynn Byrne of Decor Arts Now This accomplished  and stylish woman gets my vote for “Most Charming”!  I loved her sense of style and her blog is diverse and interesting!
Sponsor Mr Steam showed us all how to have a very good time! But hey, watch it Martha with Malik! Very sensitive there! I vote the Mr Steam team the “Most Fun”! These are two lovely people!
Robin of Urban Gardens also finds time to bond with Malik who is a resident of the Citizen M. In fact, what IS Robin doing with Malik??? I vote Robin Easy Peasy to get along with!   Sadly we never found any boots did we? Reading Robin’s blog inspires me to work outside in the yard! Ok, not really. I will start with a cute pair of gardening gloves!
Oh and Vitania of Verdisgrisvie!  I think she is the star here but Christopher Guy can come a close second! Cheryl says….Vitania is voted sweetest of all! Beautiful inside and out. She makes you feel like you are the only one around when you are talking to her!
Ok random insertion of pix. Had to make this black and white ’cause you may have gotten wrong idea by my BIG RED NOSE that I really had skipped out and was in a pub in Ireland making my ancestors proud….but whatever. I was doing a little kissy kissy here and look…Veronika was again, indulging my humor. Told ya she was cool.
 Chatty Patti  is hanging with her new friends…Malik and Gold finger. I hung out with Patti quite a bit and I am voting her “Most Photogenic”and “Prettiest Smile” Geesh! She never takes a bad photo and I think it is the 900 watt smile that does the trick! 
This was moments before all of us went on a big run, I mean walk, for Maggie’s Centres A wonderful organization that provides support for anyone affected by cancer. The lovely Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs in upper left. I really liked meeting Nyla and I am voting her “Most Gracious”. She had a beautiful aura about her that just made you want to be her friend. The gorgeous girl in the front row is Erin who works with V at Modenus. She kept a good eye on us all and was a trooper staying late into the night to talk talk talk! And the best discovery was that we share a love of ethnic street food! I vote Erin “Most Adventurous”!
This kind man is voted Mr Debonair even though he goes by Mr Goodwill Hunting. A true southern gentleman! I am not sure I opened one door?? I enjoyed meeting Rashon and hearing about how he crafts beautiful things from thrift store finds!  A man after my own heart!
James Bedell is a lighting designer extraordinaire. I learned much from asking him 1,564,987,567,563 questions. Always explained with a smile and much eagerness to share his knowledge. Late night conversations with him and Erin of Modenus gives me great hope for our world!  I vote James “Mr. Calm”! 
I love this shot in the window of sponsor And-so-to-bed..what fun! I think it is a great shot of Jill Seidner, a talented designer in Los Angeles and a contributor to Material Girls Blog. I did not spend as much time with Jill but am hoping we will cross paths again. I am voting Jill “Most Relaxed”! Never saw her feathers ruffled! 
Great shot of Jennifer and Robin on the streets! I always wanted to sit near Jennifer from Dec-a-porter because she has such great  business savvy and design insights! Every conversation was interesting and fun!  I vote Jennifer “Most inspiring”!


Oh and here is Raina from A stylist’s life (cheating on Igor) with Christian from Maison 21! These two were fun…and funny!  I am most definitely voting Raina “Most Entertaining” (loved the tales of blogging wars!) and Christian….Driest sense of humor!  Quick witted and always a zinger to liven up the group!


Here is the happy Igor from Happy Interior Blog with some UK Bloggers   (whom?? advise  me, those in the know!) and Igor is last in the list here but he gets too take home the “Sexiest Blogger on the Tour” award! I think it is his charming and laid back demeanor and witty comebacks that does the trick! Love you Igor! Oops, sorry Raina. 

It is the people. No doubt about it. Is what makes the world go ’round. New places and new adventures are incredible experiences but, it is the friends you make over the years that define your life and give richness to your days. Thank you to Veronika, Tim, and Erin for allowing me to be a part of it all. 

More about design next time! Sleepy sleepy…..