Regia vanities. This is pretty cool looking but I wonder if I would tire of it?

A client asked me the other day why no one ever used color in their baths anymore? She liked the 50’s idea of bold color in tiles etc in bath design but not necessarily the retro feel.


I assured her that people did indeed use color in their baths and that she could as well! So we planned a taupe and aqua color scheme for the little bath. Before she got to me, she put down a cobbled travertine on the floor …but at least it is neutral and we are working with it. In her case, we decided to use the color in the tiles in the shower and on the wall behind the vanity and then add simple color on the countertops with a Vetrostone top that has bits of aqua and green it. I think it is going to be a colorful beach bath for her condo!

Here are some other colorful baths I have found around the web as well as from my own portfolio! Enjoy!

From Eddie Ross portfolio. Like the soft pinks set off by the white.

Eddie Ross Blog

well of course I love green!
Typically blue is not for me except in small doses but something about this I like!
More green…love the 3 locker cabinets!
uh huh….loving the orange….not sure could live day to day with both though!
Pantone might be wrong…may be the year of orange!
This is a great bath! I wish we could have gotten closer pix but tough in such small space!
One of my faves…this bath designed by In Detail will be out in Bath Trends Magazine before too long!

Designed by In Detail