I recently read an article in New York Magazine about a designer/painter, Richard Lee who echos my sentiments on displaying artwork. (yes, I know this is off the beaten path of kitchens and baths but what the heck??) He validates my thoughts also about hanging artwork on dark walls. I have had this discussion several times with other designers as well as friends and of course, my hubby weighed in with his opinion: “Whatttttt do you mean we are painting the walls black???” Actually it is a color called andiron from valspar and it is a dark gray.

AND, I love it!

We painted it in our stairwell coming up from ground level to main floor and then hung much of my quite ecletic art work collection, including some of the girl’s young work, all up and down the walls. The dark walls really do make the artwork pop and is one of the few colors that I think goes well with the goldish travertine on the floor that hubby did prior to making my acquaintance. 🙂 Also, Richard says  “I want to be a minimalist and have nothing, and yet I love having all the things.” WOW! This is what I say too! I LOVE a sleek style and the less is more ideology however, I really do love my collections of “stuffs” and such. And, it gives me great joy to see them in my home.

So, I think the answer is when you love the minimalist look but also love “stuffs”  then consider clean and crisp groupings of things you love. I really have gotten a lot of pleasure from my new personal “art gallery” and I think friends have enjoyed seeing it all as well!  Below are a couple of pix from the article about Richard Lee.