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I wrote this on the spur of the moment as sort of “therapy” ( the cheap kind )…. But oh so true. Find anyone…send my way!


Passionate individual.

Loves all elements of design. Embraces the good days and smiles through the bad days.

Understands the details and wants them all to be finely tuned and executed with precision.

Won’t let mediocrity become the norm. Desires new challenges and will rise to meet them head up and mind open.

Plans for perfection but can punt when discovers nothing is perfect but the plan.

Can roll up hill.

And thinks anything downhill is just for sissies

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  3. Heh, you don’t want much… In all seriousness, great piece

    I think the passion & work ethic is the hardest thing to find – Personally the understanding I can live without as long as they also love to learn, I can teach them those nuances as we go

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