Form and Function. You would never know it has a water saving 1.2 gallon per minute flow rate!

Architectural Inspiration in a…..what??

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It is no secret to my team one of my favorite design talking points revolves around architecturally inspired spaces, places and products. I cannot help but admire even the simplest of things if it has great lines. This is the stand out element in American Standard’s new bath


By golly, they may be getting it!

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Last week I had a fabulous conversation with a heavy hitter at one of our established vendors. Honestly was blown away by the admission that our business model as well as a couple of others have inspired this large company to rethink the new marketplace and how they


New ventures: crazy or truly insane?

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The other day when a client asked me why had not been writing as much. I went through all my know like the 24 hours in a day obstacle. She said, “well your tag line says working designer tells all sooooo why are you not just writing


My day as a DXV rock star: priceless! Part 1

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So now the big reveal has been, well, revealed. ( view it HERE) The projects myself and my 5 partners in shenanigans dreamed and designed then AGONIZED over for months have been shown to the world. DXV, a new facet of American Standard and their foray into the luxe

Highpoint 2013! Fave Finds!

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It is always a thrill to go to Highpoint for the twice annual furniture market show! Never know what you will find to bring back to clients and in my case my showroom too! Bar carts and Bars where everywhere! Which pleases me since we have been touting

Count down…49 days to Blog Tour London!

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Oh yeah! Making my list and checking it twice…getting ready for……BLOG TOUR LONDON!!! That’s right! I am joining Modenus and 14 other Designer/Bloggers (meet them all here!)on a trip to London in a few short weeks! We are going to experience The London Design Festival and explore all the fabulousness in design the

Ordinary Electrical …not so ordinary!

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The details matter. I love to find the “everyday” home fixture that either is sleeker than the norm or is useful in an unusual way. Ok, I love to challenge the status quo…I admit it. But here are a couple of electrical “gizmos” that you might find…well, kind

Blanco and Bosch making waves in California!

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I’m heading back to my southern California roots to participate in a Bloggers retreat hosted by BOSCH and BLANCO, leaders and innovators of today’s modern kitchen products. I am very familiar with Blanco and proudly sit on their  Blanco Design Council. I am excited to learn more about

The hunt for Barbie: My birthday is approaching.

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I have some great ideas to post from recent trip to Highpoint and Chicago kitchen and bath show….but I am also swamped working to finish the beach house that is RENTED Memorial day weekend…and oh, owners now have decided to come in week before…..yee haw. So while I

Look again at your electrical plans!

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Trends in Homebuilding   Many innovative design trends for homebuilding and remodeling in 2012 can be found in the lighting and technology arena. This means working closely with your builder and electrician to implement new ideas and plan effectively ( i.e. get it right on the plans)  for

Want best results? Don’t ask me for a square foot price!

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I have a rule about pricing tile. Don’t ask me what it costs “per square foot”. When faced with this question, I get out my tap dancing shoes, put on my tutu and start dancing! My goal is to have the client focus on end results within their

I am ready to commit! My humble vows….

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Ok folks…if you are still with me….I have been challenged by some, er, well, PEOPLE to blog 5 days out of 7 with two oldies but goodies running twice a week. I would love to think these PEOPLE miss my witty repartee, my scathingly humorous posts on all

Passionately Busy!

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GAWD! It really has been a month since last post. Bad, Bad, Cheryl! I miss writing and the feedback! But seriously has been so busy. Lots of changes going on at the shop…one designer leaving ( heavy sigh) but another great gal starting who will be handling showroom


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I wrote this on the spur of the moment as sort of “therapy” ( the cheap kind )…. But oh so true. Find anyone…send my way! Wanted: Passionate individual. Loves all elements of design. Embraces the good days and smiles through the bad days. Understands the details and

What NOT to do in your kitchen remodel: 5 planning mistakes

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Everyone is always talking about tips on how to remodel your kitchen. But no one seems to address some of the planning mistakes that I see every day. This is not a comprehensive list as I could go on for a few posts about things I consider design

Modenus: Free online design resource!

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As most of my readers know, I am a huge proponent of small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. And, well, yes…am especially proud of like minded women who choose to venture into the exhilarating yet scary-as-hell world of business  management and ownership. This is a  class of women I

What were they thinking? Before..and After bath!

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I am on a roll with some new projects being photographed and thought would share the actual before and after pix! Seriously, some of these are incredible and I have to wonder…what were they thinking?? In this case was originally built a builder! Scary. So much money

Let’s “Face” it: my neighborhood is just down the street from yours. The Global Village.

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Let’s Blog off! This week’s topic: Does Social Media like Facebook connect the world or isolate people? Go to for a complete list of bloggers writing this week! One of the most influential writers and personalities I studied at the University of Arizona was Marshall McLuhan. (1911-1980)