Nostalgia: Ten years and still looking good!

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Hello all! I have so much to share and am trying to find the time to fit it all in! Lots of new things going on at in detail! Business is good and this makes me happy:) We have been joined by a talented new designer from Birmingham, Nick Pica. He is a  graduate architect and also holds a degree in Interior Architecture.I am so excited to have him join our design team!

I have known Nick and his family since I worked on their house..oh gosh…like almost ten years ago! Nick was about 16 or so and we created this small bath (pictured below) together! I cannot honestly say I am wild about every design I did ten years ago but this one is still one of my favorites. It is a great testimonial to how clean and modern looks transcend time…even the post modernism looks of the 50’s and the retro look of the 60’s. Classic modernism has staying power. I think so many folks want the latest “catalog look” (read RESTORATION HARDWARE here) and fail to grasp how dated this look will become in…oh, say ten years! Now do not get too finicky on picking apart this bath….I am sure we have learned a few things in the ensuing years but I hope you will agree, the overall design aesthetic still works!

Look for great things to come from our newest addtion! Nick is one hell of a creative guy and he will be writing here some also and I think you will find he is as passionate as I am about good design!

Small bath with walk in shower: Natural maple cabinetry, slate tile countertops, floor and shower

We were very budget conscious. (Well, Beverly was anyway) and this slate counter top was excellent choice then and now! The flat rim of this kohler sink helped us create a sleek look..on a budget!

The room was typical small bath size. The storage tower was designed to be functional but not detract from the room as a deeper and more bulky tall piece would have been

The addition of Nick will bring us to 3 designers: Moi, Nick and the irreplaceable Stacy…as well as two AWESOME design assistants, Lindsey and Stephanie….headed up by our fearless business manager Casey. If you are in the area of the Gulf Coast, stop by and say hello. I can promise you Jeff Lewis has NOTHING on this group!

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  1. hey admin, 
    so im looking into remodeling my bathroom and okay so i live in a townhouse so the bathroom is about the size thats in this picture and the picture of the bathroom i want is pretty relate-able to this one except i wanted the sort of beige-ish color tile. So i was just wondering how much did it approximately cost you for just the tiling–(the walk-in shower and tiling for the floors)
    btw the bathroom looks great 🙂

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