Do we like Pantone’s color of the year? Honeysuckle

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Yes! I do indeed! I think the name indicates a yellow and not rosy pink but hey they did not ask me!  Pantone’s color of 2011 is a rich and exciting hue. Great as an accent color or a “go for broke” chair amidst ..perhaps the Restoration hardware linens?? I am not a pinky person per se but I see this being very unisex in smaller doses. Let’s face it, many men do not like “pink” but paired with the right shades for base becomes a feisty addition in accents.
I have to admit, I am always excited when they unveil the newest shade. I am a huge color lover and this year’s color “Honeysuckle” is gorgeous and soft: daring and unique: risky yet impactful in even the smallest doses. For me? I would pair a honeysuckle chaise with classic taupes or even stunning navy. I love how this color could take the edge off a taupe sofa….bold and lavish…and the best part….unexpected.

Romo's Manderley fabric...see the wasabi in the back? That will be my new pillows!

Love this!

We have a winner folks!  I love color and this is hot!

Newest color trends always seem to take a cue from the runway!

(check out the Brizo Faucet Fashion and Media Panel excerpt HERE to really see how much design for interiors and fashion go hand and hand)

Thanks to Cococozy blog blog for this great example!

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  1. Well, OK, two-part comment today! I just viewed the video and totally agree with what was said. I think there is a lot of synergy going on with design these days, and I especially like the idea of pushing the envelope. I don’t have the skills of those who sat on that panel, so in that regard, I guess I’m like a duck. I’m pedaling as fast as I can, man! But whenever I sit down to design my next woodworking project, I really do look for something different that can be done with it. And those who read my blogs know how much I love European minimalism. It’s just such a glorious way of pushing the envelope, of doing something other than what we have done with kitchens for a long time now. At my age it does no good to look back, but had I known then what I know now, I really do think I would have gone into kitchen designing. I think it is an endlessly innovative, exciting field.

    However… (he opines as he prepares to drop the other shoe!)

    Honeysuckle does absolutely nothing for me, and for two reasons. First, I do not myself care for the color for reasons you’ve already stated. It’s pink. C’mon, now, I’m a GUY! But the other part of my objection goes more to the heart of matters, I think. Any color declared “color of the year” is to my mind problematic, because it means one will soon be seeing this color everywhere, as it is the new “hot” color. But whenever we encounter something hot, we know that it will eventually cool—bad for food, disastrous for color schemes. Anything ubiquitous eventually loses its luster.

    Also, a color as vivid is this one will run the gauntlet of “hot” to “sooooo yesterday” rather quickly. Really, it’s the new avocado. When my father used that color in his 1973 new kitchen, it was hot, hot, hot. When we bought this house in 1992, the first thing we did was rip out a perfectly good stove and range hood. Damned things were avocado!

  2. I’m still on the fence. For one thing, it feels like a regional color. I could see it perfectly in Florida, or the Bahamas, but have a more difficult time seeing it in the Bay Area or Seattle.

    I also agree with Joseph – anything deemed the new color today is the avocado of tomorrow; however, HOWEVER, you gave me some thought with that second chair (very cool.)

  3. Post

    Kelly and Joseph: Points well taken but lets face it, we are in a trendy business to some extent…this is the world of design…be it fashion or interiors. EVERYTHING will fade in time….even black has gone in and out. I think it is about the hue….and this is an attractive one…but agreed….it is not for all over decor! I think it is a strong accent. I would suggest to clients to pair it with a taupey gray or even a strong gray or navy. I keep basics pretty neutral and go wild with accent colors. These can be changed. I would NEVER have a “colored” stove. ( no offense here!) But I would have a colored wall…or lamp…or FAB colored pillows or even a striking chair. (live a little!) This is the mark of a good designer….knowing where to put the accents and to what degree. If it were my kitchen in the 70’s…Avocado breadbox…maybe. Avocado appliances: never. And yes it is pink. And yes Joseph as well as my husband and others, may not want to sit on it. But for me, my husband will need to get over himself if he does not like a touch of pink in a pillow! Thanks guys for the comments!!

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