Color of the year: Turquoise (just don’t call it teal)

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Pantone, considered the leading authority on color for the past 45 years announced that Turquoise, (PANTONE 15-5519) is the color of the year for 2010.

Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green,Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well being.

Ok, so really?

I might like it better if we called it “azure” or “cerulean”. These names evoke more of a “today” feel than……turquoise. Makes me feel old. We need some of those Ben Moore folks who sit around thinking up other ways to make green sound exciting to give a hand to the naming problem. Might be the fact that I grew up in Arizona. Lots of turquoise. Usually older ladies wearing those necklaces that have the clunky looking rocks that they call turquoise. Which is what? Precious stones?  Anyway, despite the lame name, the color can really work as a jolt of accent. Almost, believe it or not, as a neutral. When paired with the right complementary hues that is.

We are working on a project where the client loves aqua. Some would call it turquoise. I would call it cerulean. We struggled at first as to how to inject the accent color and finally came up with some great ideas with tile in the guest bath paired with a hot color called “taupe”. Ha. I might call that color “mink”. I am excited about how we have managed to really give the client her beloved color but not overdo it. And, I think the “mink” will really set off the “azure/cerulean/aqua” or turquoise.

Here are a few pix I think nailed it.

Love this! Makes me want to get back on my own bath design!

Thanks to  House of Turquoise ( Naturally!)

Yum. I like this very much and the black tops make it work.

Interesting combo!

The grouping of like objects in same color make a statement.

I think this speaks for itself.

Ok, I could just eat this up! Thanks House Of Turquoise!

This is bold. I might edit a bit more.

And despite your love or like of the color..there is always something that just does not work. This would be it for me.

Not in this lifetime.

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  1. Blue-green is a soothing color palette. It makes me think of the beach, always a good thing! That said, please tell me Aqua appliances will not be making a comeback.

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