Classic stripes from Highpoint!

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Apologies for being out of the blogosphere for a few weeks. Lots going on and not the least of which is the baby girl flying from the nest. Some sleepless nights and worried days but all is for the good!

I had a great meeting with a new lovely client from Washington DC who is moving back to our fab climate in the next year or so. She read my post on my daughter and presented me at our meeting with a beautiful little painting from her talented sister showing an abstract of a mom and child parting gently but as they part there is a heart that encircles them. I will post pix as is beautiful and touched my heart in a wonderful way….that I desperately needed at that moment. Timing is everything right?

The girls at Taylor King showroom!

So on to Highpoint! Am going to post a few faves over next few days. I am SO ENERGIZED after attending this market. One of the best and loved having our two design assistants accompany Julie and myself! Stripes seem to be everywhere and some were done better than others but for me,  I really do love a great stripe!

On a side note: was not understanding all the Union Jack. It was everywhere.  Really? Who started this trend? I wonder if buyers are buying into it. I know we are NOT. Maybe a pillow…but an entire sofa? Nope.

Can't wrap my classic brain around this trend!

Striped Clark chair from Robin the oversized nail heads!

Large stripe look!

Orange and gray are elegant on this chair!

Look closely, this slip covered chair has tiny pin stripes. Another look we saw much of...mens wear fabrics!

Even seeing stripes on cocktail ottomans

I like the brights in this stripe and think would be a wonderful accent chair

Stripe slip covered stools.....perfect for the busy family with kids!

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  1. Love the classic lines of a stripe used in new ways. Although the large stripe on the bench reminds me of a racing stripe on a sports car. Maybe my husband would let that piece rest in our house if I told him it was “fast!”

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